VF Corp. Stops Buying Brazilian Leather While Amazon Burns


This episode of Business Wars daily is brought to you by sent pro online from pitney bowes shipping and mailing from your desk is never been simpler than with sent pro online from Pitney goes. Try It free for thirty days and get a free ten pound scale when you visit. PBA DOT com slash B W daily in Uh from wonder I'm David Brown and this is business wars daily on this Wednesday September eleven. The Amazon is he's burning as we now know in late August aerial photographs showing Sao Paulo plunged into darkness in the middle of the day stunned the world that day turn night eclipse lips was a mystery at first but soon it became clear that the cause was some eighty thousand fires burning thousands of miles away in the Amazon rainforest the F. Corporation the multibillion dollar owner of Timberland vans shoes and the north face does not want any part of it late last month it announced that it will stop buying vying Brazilian leather. It won't start again the company said until quote we have the confidence and assurance that the materials used in our products do not contribute due to environmental harm in the country so what does footwear have to do with fires well. The fires on the edges of the Amazon are result of deforestation the station in drought loggers farmers and ranchers cut down trees often illegally they also set fires to clear vast swaths of ranchland mostly to fulfill the world's growing demand for beef. There are fires in the Amazon every year but the number of blazes this year is up about eighty percent over last year according to CNN the news outlet reports that the growth in the blazes is purposeful a result of pro beef industry policies promoted by Brazil's president gyroscope scenario Brazil is the world's largest exporter of beef Bolsonaro says he is not to blame the Amazon rainforest plays a huge role in mitigating climate change. The area is so enormous that unharmed it produces about twenty percent of the world's oxygen BEF Corp says it makes about five hundred million products a year making it one of the largest users of raw all materials in its industry in its effort to improve the company sustainability. VF Corp has been overhauling its supply chain by twenty twenty one. The company claims it will reduce the environmental impact of its raw materials by thirty five percent. Now one of those materials is leather Timberland. You know the Conic Yellow Boot Company is. VF's largest leather user leather is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. That's because of land-use changes like clearing parts parts of the rainforest. It's also do the copious amounts of methane made by the cattle themselves v F says fifteen percent of its greenhouse gas emissions come from leather weather. It's largest contributors cotton at more than forty percent given its public commitment to cleaning up the supply chain. It's response to the Amazon fires. This makes sense. One of Timberland's biggest rivals is doc Martin maker of the iconic Black boot. The British brand earned revenues news of about three hundred fifty million pounds last year up twenty percent from the year before the much smaller brand has made no public supply chain commitment similar to those of the F. Corp but like the F. It belongs to a consortium called the leather working group which sources materials from tanneries that attempt to reduce the environmental impact of leather processing icing on its own the corpse decision isn't likely to have much effect on Brazil's commitment to fighting fires in the Amazon but often where one company goes rose so go others and when they do together they have an impact so to do shoppers who as we pointed out here more and more lately are increasingly concerned about where their products come from and what effects they may be causing. We're not on the planet from one. This is business workday. Hey do us a favor and take nick few seconds to tell us more about yourself is visit. ONE RE DOT com slash survey sweet love learning about thanks a bunch. I'm David Brown will in this episode is brought to you by central online from Pitney bowes shipping in

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