Episode 291: The Garbage Barge (Entry 515.LA0345) - burst 09


Well, I. Mean you effectively giving it a new island to live on. So right you've created a new ecosystem off miles off the coast of. Key. West and America is just going nuts because it's such an unlikely story and it's not clear how it's going to end and it really kind of speaks to kind of new environmental feeling that this is some this is the canary in the coalmine of some new crisis Johnny Carson, of course, making jokes every night about or Did you did you hear about this ad is garbage? We maybe we could send it to the ayatollah in Iran. Yes. You're right. Sir Dan Rather. This is great with Dan Rather is quoted as saying, this is the most watched garbage barge in history and you have, and you have to wonder what he thinks is in second place. It's setting a new standard. Dan Dan Rather of all of us probably was watching more garbage

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