Oscars Best Picture Contenders Required to Meet Diversity Standards


Since we're gonna talk about since we're going to talk about movies, this movie debuted 40 years ago. I don't not sure never won any Oscars. We can talk about a different kind of odds. And that is the odds that will be in your favor when you exhibit Perhaps the greatest comedy motion picture of all time. This is going to make it look like Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is gonna be the kind of thing that your Children because they did. I could look up to you now. I never could before. I mean, we made a lot of cheap movies for you guys that made a lot of money. But now we have spent a little more than we're supposed to. Columbia Pictures has spared no expense to make this fine science fiction comedy So they're talking about is that's Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray talking about ghost workers that they put that out to theaters to convince them to show the movie it was. It was something they set out to particularly independent theaters saying, Hey, this is Ah, a little something you might want to consider it your little Arthouse cinema. Now you had one guy was one of the Ghostbusters was a black guy. So there okay. Winston was black. And and then one day I was Jewish. I believe Well, Rick Moranis was in the movies, but I don't think I guess later on. He was kind of an ancillary ghostbuster, the Reynolds Jewish Council's a minority. For some reason. Reason this is important is and I'm reading for The Times. New Oscar standards require best picture contenders must be inclusive to compete if you wanna win. The Oscar for best picture, and I Do You have tohave you meet need to meet certain quotas to do it, Which is the way all great art is made. Certainly we all know Novels, songs movies television shows on the best artist made with quotas. So they came up with this a couple of months ago. This is AH attempt to be more divers to be eligible for best picture of film must meet at least two standards on across four categories of diversity on screen representation. Themes and narratives. So the theme of the movie has to be inclusive of a variety of groups. And it's under representative groups, including women, People of color LGBTQ, plus people and those with cognitive or physical disabilities. You have to touch on at least some of those not only in the cast and they're talking about the main cast. Um I'll read from what it says in The New York Times those standards record, one of the least one of the lead actors were significant supporting actors is from unrepresented, underrepresented racial or ethnic group. One of the lead actors are significant supporting actor. So in that group of people that the movie is all about, you can't have if it's World War, one movie a bunch of white guys, No. No. You gotta have. I don't know, eh? A black guy funded through the trench er. At least Marriott cheap and at least 30 books. They've sent a mariachi band with clearly Mexican people to entertain the troops. Shut them up, or we're going to be bombed by the Germans. Then the mariachis district and you never see them again. Ugo. There's your Oscar bait. Joe Getty Hollywood Quota consultant from No problem I got this. You gotta touch in coming of age story sitting in Norwegian filming Fishing Village, a 16 year old boy and girl and love trying to confront their Nazi past. Let's see. Let's have the Globetrotters come to town and play an exhibition game And on one of the dates they go See the Globetrotters check. $100,000 at least 30% of all actors in secondary in minor roles air from certain underrepresented groups and the main Jenny called the Globetrotters again, and the main storyline, theme or narrative of the movie has to be centred on an under representative group to qualify for a best picture Oscar nomination, And they went through the list of a bunch of movies that might not have made it that have one. You know lots of Oscars, including 1917, the World War. In film or the Irishman that came out last year and was a piece of crap, But in very was a great movie. It was bad, but it was long. I just I just Go and find this. Absolutely amazing. Yeah, on this is from liberals. People who think art is important people who send their kids to expensive colleges to get our degrees. They want to have constraints on art. The Liberals do? Yeah. Yeah, quotas. Good luck with that. My loathing of Hollywood. Well, it could get a little more intense as it turns out, but just If if if it didn't Indicate what James Lindsay has been talking about that this is coming on hard in society as a whole. I could just roll my eyes and move on said Good, Eat yourselves. You're cannibalizing yourselves, And I think it's hilarious. But it does mean that that sort of racialist thinking where everything is broken down to your identity group. You could only get a job if you're this or you can only be fired. If you're not that, or You know, you can only move into a neighborhood. We have quotas and neighborhoods quotas that everything that's dangerous. Is there any chance that any of the older liberals because always talking about the liberals over 50 seem to have a different view of these things? Like a Rob Reiner makes a movie with like what you're talking about here, man. Just those Like, really stick his thumb in the eye of the O R. You got something, you know, three hour long Goodfellow State movie, and then then you turns out Henry Hill's wife, at the end of it says Not only am I leaving you but I'm a lesbian check. We're down here getting a Hollywood quota consultant further preceding three hours. She's been a lesbian. You just didn't know that was your biases. There you go

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