Businesses Turn To Touchscreens During COVID times

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In an effort to decrease person to person contact many businesses have chosen these interactive displays Pretty cool. You've seen them at BOOT BARN target, Taco Bell Red Robin. There are many are made by a company named Yellow John. Lamb. Is here to tell us all about it John Philipson. Yeah. Thanks having me Jefferson the re this pandemic people are trying to really look at their entire systems on and they're finding it ways in beans at which the they find deficiencies in their software package or their how their customers interact, and so they are migrating more towards different types of self service. It reduces that humid human contact it. It actually virtually can eliminate it. A person can walk up to a self service kiosks whether it's ordering tickets or whether it's you're actually seeing that right now in movie theaters that are reopening, you're seeing where they are trying to do social distancing I programming the system in the person can choose a seed, but other seats are blocked out. So they kind of have this this ability naturally and they never had to talk to a person. There's no, there's no worrying about six feet they're literally they can be twenty feet away from somebody as they purchase their tickets. But what about all those hands the Dover go over the unit all day long don't those contain germs. They do but several civil aspects of that one we know for a fact, we saw our cleaning protocols page just skyrocketed in usage when this pandemic started basically about early March. People have built these customers, these resellers, these retailers, they've all built a much better cleaning protocols in just really refined him to the newer guidance from the CDC the EPA. So do you recommend that the people store clean the machine every time somebody is used it. It doesn't have to be every time But. Typically. There's going to be a each retailer reseller or. whatever you know store would have kind of a they decide basically where they want to go with that how fast how often there's even certain things we can do in the firmware as to cause the screen to basically put a notice up based on certain touches and we've actually been playing with that recently. So where is the next yellow machine going we're working? We see it. You can find our products basically everywhere. It's actually our tagline is ill is everywhere and you'll find us at home improvement stores a right at the check stand. You'll find us in product information things that you're trying to use a certainly your favorite hamburger stand. tacos. Whether you're trying to shop for boots down at boot bar and you can go in and they've got a large forty two inch screen and it helps you refine figure out exactly which blue perfect view and what you're looking for.

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