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Today we have. I'm excited about this is a good one. This is. One of the coolest cars things ever. Yeah. We have very so secretive who topic you guys today we are talking about a racing group known. As the Midnight Club, a midnight club. Yes. The fastest racing team fastest street racing team in Japan got comic book made after him. Yeah. Thanks to an in-depth investigation by wonderful writer. Joseph thank you Joseph. We're able to bring you the truth but the Midnight Club It's worth pointing out the most the articles refining them in that club are based on the wikipedia article. That's it. That's journalism and yet unfortunately for the vast majority of them, the information on the wikipedia page has been purposely crafted to mislead people to protect the real members, identity God, their the aluminum body it's insane. That means a large amount of what people think they know about the club's actually wrong deliberately. So but FRONTENAC. Because we're super excited to share the real story behind them in that club. All right. So to know the story of the Midnight Club, you have to know nineteen eighties Japan throughout the nineteen eighties Japan was experiencing one of the most significant financial bubbles of all time. The entire bubble was similar to the one that we had in the US in two, thousand eight and the one that is currently taking place in China the post world. War. Two Economy of Japan had encouraged citizens to save their money causing an unbelievable surplus of savings The banks had no problem meeting their reserve requirements stays thanks to the massive cash surplus, which in turn allow the banks to engage in much more lenient. Lending behavior does this sound familiar? Yeah. Okay. Good. There are also many America yeah. It's like how it was ten years ago now, but that's a crash. What we're saying here is just like after World War. Two there's this culture in Japan where the government was like just save your money save your money save your money. and. The reason that these cars happened. Is because. The companies looked around and they were like Orlands ultra-modern. Yeah. We could. We could make something really cool stuff and they could buy it, and so they just started making twin turbo six cylinder behemoths out. We will get there. There are also many government programs intended to weaken the US dollar against the Japanese yen through means of financial deregulation. The combination of excess liquidity in the banks and financial deregulation led to a massive economic boom known as Japan's economic miracle prices on domestic stocks and real estate had risen to an all time high tripling in value tripling tripling in value between nineteen, eighty, five and nineteen eighty-nine wealthy parents could afford to buy their children. The nicest sports cars Japan. Had offer sports cars were absolutely everywhere in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty. Japan. The Best of all, they were dirt cheap a new Nissan Silvia s thirteen q only cost roughly seventy five hundred US dollars about eighteen thousand dollars today. You imagine getting a Sylvia. Can like you can't get a Sylvia for eighteen grand I mean you can could, but like a clean one. That's what they're they sell for now. They haven't appreciate all in the big picture. It was the Japanese bubble that led to the birth of all the street racing in the country I am hooked kids loved the idea of driving a fast car on the cheap in the early eighties some of the more popular choices of course, Celica supra. They weren't the marked for supers- yet CELICA SUPRA. Eighty sixes s thirty s one thirties. Arek. Sevens Nissan skylines Sylvia again. And Yeah since they all had easy money from their parents all they would do dart onto the highway in Tomei or one gone and started zipping around looking for trouble the Tomei highway became notorious for heavy duty street racing.

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