How to embrace awareness


My friend Sir. This is daily breadth. We are in the first week of our new series total meditation. But it's no transformation is what meditation provides once you embark on the journey. The first step is realizing that awareness in some form is always present. In every moment of our life. Awareness is the backbone of everything we think feel perceive imagined or sense it is awareness that is watching this ceaselessly. And the awareness itself is not judging labeling. That relieved to the mind, the awareness is the observer of the mind itself. So awareness precedes thoughts in modern life, which is built on mental activity. No one has any idea where thoughts come from. Nothing about a brain investigates processing thoughts, feelings, or sensations. But as we wake up, so does the cosmos wake up the notion that human beings we can make the universe wake up it's very interesting notion proposed by many scientists including the physicist David Doors. Who says that it's explanatory process. That gives meaning to the universe and that actually places consciousness. Trenton Center in the creative process, you may have heard from the physicist John, argued Huila, that we live in a participatory universe. In other words, everything that we think is real out there depends on our beliefs, perceptions and observations and interpretations and expecations in here in here, meaning in our own consciousness, not own south.

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