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Proven to be true. So your your heart efforts will be well paid for this time. I will be rewarded. Yes. Let's talk a little bit about this storm because you know it's funny. It's like you ask yourself I opened with the song twilight zone by golden earring this morning, and it's like we're living in the twilight zone in twenty twenty. But actually, this is a happy event. This moisture coming through the state as those wildfires continue to burn. Yes, and from that perspective, the cold great to is even the cold alone would do a lot of progress for fired but there is a huge sluggish. So that is moving over not all the fire areas in the state But most in cameron peak, it's it's going to be really doused during the course of the day today heavy snowfall. There is such great news because it just exploded over the long Labor Day weekend. It sure did We watched that using satellite technology could watch for hot spots and they feel like bright lights on a map in Saturday afternoon that thing just roared in exploded in and split into two complexes is just devastating obviously in this cold front I wish it would sped up to prevent all the new evacuations and things but at least it's here now so. So that is the good news silver lining to help those firefighters on the front line south. All right. So I'm seeing that we might see and you know don't you I mean this story has gone national. I was watching CNN and Msnbc Fox over the weekend and they're like what's going on in Colorado so we can see the biggest temperature drop in one hundred and forty eight to one hundred, fifty years. Depending on your time line that you WANNA use twenty, four, forty, eight hours single day It will fall in their in most of those lists within the top couple four, September. It will not likely reach the top list for all time We've had some tremendously huge one and two day temperature swings and including last October on the tenth of two. Thousand Nineteen we had seventy degree drop in one day. Assuming two days I believe two days So we're going to be close to that, but we would need to hit. The mid to low twenties in order to Kinda rival the all time list and in although that would be possible that's really pushing the limit on how cold we can get. We'll get close to that but not that close I don't think. What about precipitation by the time? It's all said and done. WE'RE GONNA come away with anybody listening is GonNa come away with at least a quarter to a half pitch total water, and most of that's going to be in the form of snow. We had some very heavy rain and thunder last night, which really dowse a lot of folks while I, seventy, six But from here on, it's going to be mostly just snow and you're going to tally in terms of snow if you're closer to the. Hills you can have several inches that will fall How much accumulates depends on your ground temperature right at Ya But then once you hit Greeley and east your snowfall totals are likely going to be less than several inches unless you're out say kind of focused right on I seventy six or down on sections of the Palmer divide closer to the line and in flagler those areas could have easily have several inches. So it's good wet system And again, the rain chances are pretty much gone. We're going to have a rain snow mix if not only snow for Pierre Forward. Okay. All right, and that winter storm warning is still in effect until noon Wednesday goes all the way till noon Wednesday. The biggest push of snowfall now is on the mountains It's nearing Cheyenne it will near Fort. Collins. It will be your bolder and it will east as we go throughout the course of the day and it will be rather heavy late today and overnight. Alright channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists Matt Mickens on it. As always, thank you so much mad appreciate your time. And find your glove there you go. I know there's one out in the dog pen seven, four to seven out thirteen, ten KFI. Party northern Colorado's force thirteen ten KFI. The Block Party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. After mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick show the whole show and the herd with Colin Cowherd. Thirteen ten. K. K.. Three hundred thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local from the auto collision specialists. Studios aren't my facebook question does your do you buy into the allegations that president trump during a trip to France in twenty eighteen called fallen American soldiers? Quote losers particularly if you're a veteran I would love to hear from you this morning nine, seven, three, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, drop me a text on thirteen ten kfi k a text line at three one. Nine nine six president trump getting support from a rather unlikely source working for peace out of the new. York Post by Emily Jacobs, this says former national security adviser, John Bolton. No love lost their reiterated his skepticism over this report. It was in the Atlantic alleging that president trump disparaged America's war dead during this twenty one trip to France now, Bolton as you're well aware who turned from friend to foe to the commander in chief after leaving the White House said during an interview just yesterday with Fox. News's Martha McCallum

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