Breaking Down Valve's Response to DPC


So I wasn't sure how to approach US exactly but this may seem a little weird. We're going to read off the entire post that vowed made. We're going to split it up so that people don't get sick on my voice, of course. It's essentially read it in your normal voice or you're going to read it in your dramatic voice because if you read it a new dramatic voice, people get sick of it after one minute I what I was not planning on doing anything in my normal voice. But now that you brought it up, it would annoy people it makes me want to do it more now but regardless how you are. Valve has responded Holy Shit in valve has finally responded. To the community regarding the season that is to come. We've kind of split up between that and the Doda TV slash streaming. News. So let let's talk about the first thing which is the DPC's. So again, it's going to be a bit of a along read. We've heard a lot of the complaints re recently about the state of the DP and we agree that there's more that we should do. We want it to use this blog to walk you through what happened before what our thoughts were and what we will do going forward. Spring Twenty twenty. Once the extent of the covid nineteen pandemic became clear. We posted our plans to delay the international started pre-booking arenas for various alternative dates and countries around the world. We then began researching how to execute the international based on how different, how the different pandemic scenarios could play with the hope that we'd be able to host it as soon as possible since the spring DPC events could no longer operate anymore we started reaching out to the organizers to see what they wanted to do going forward. Some of these organizers shared their desires to run third party events to cover the period march through the end of summer. Summer Twenty twenty twenty one split this up between you and You keep going. I'll do the summer twenty, twenty, do the rest. Sorry Twenty twenty as we approached the middle of the summer, the volatility of the pandemic had grown significantly. We became very concerned about the impact it would have on future deep-sea events and the International. The global situation meant that cross regional play would be unlikely for a period of time and we have since seen scenarios globally and other competitions where teams from certain countries had to be excluded after qualifying do abrupt travel restrictions and complications. Americans can't go anywhere syndrome unless it's Ukraine Hanley while we had that was not part of the quote just to let you guys. Inter and you're. Not The competent then I would love under sprinkle in a little couple things like that just to spice it up you know but anyway. While we had already assumed that having a cry for the events was not in the cars we wanted to at least have confidence able to bring all teams together across region competition. We felt that was a very important component of how we allocate DC points for the International. We were also unsure of when the international itself would happen and given the significant lead time needed. The increase spread and the virus made harder to model out a timeframe with confidence. The potential of the season as narrative feeling to detach from the path towards the international was negative for us doing that would also necessitate a DP point decay system, which in and of itself isn't a bad thing but having to abruptly introduced decay midseason if the landscape changes has some additional downsides. Furthermore, we had also received some feedback from a couple of or that were either worried about the quality of the broadcast being lower or reluctant to want to operate GPC events in the fall altogether while neither the Cross region competition nor the relative distance to the international or absolute requirements. We felt the DPC as both the function of the international, and also as a coherent product for fans would be better served by holding off on them for. Now given that our plan was that we'd make the upcoming months open and clear for other leagues and Events to operate. Our approach historically has been to want third party tournus be able to exist outside of the international though the degree of that has been fluid over the years demands from fans and players for more structured circuits to lead to increased. Our hope was that we could both achieve a better and more coherent relationship between DC and TI. By approaching it this way as well as still along for third party events to have an impact with the overall Anders Zolt for fans still being that, there would be entertaining content to watch. In the fall. I'll give you this parrot this last section center in the you're not paying attention or you want me to read everything still you don't want them finish talking about this one I mean, do you want to break it up that way? That's fine as well as I guess, we should read the next. Okay. Moving forward. Soon. After we announced that there were not immediately proceeding that we were not immediately proceeding with GPS planned we received a lot of negative feedback from fans. We think that a lot of the points that were raised were reasonable criticisms toward us especially because we did not communicate what our intentions were and what they could expect in the future. that it doesn't say there guys. For this upcoming competitive season, there are going to be at least four third party events and leaks in the EU CIS, three in China and a few others that are still in the preliminary planning stages and are not able to commit at this time. However, there is still going to be a lot of teams, Casas organizers and fans around the world that are not going to be meaningfully served based on the current trajectory, and that is our fault for not pushing on those and supporting them enough. With that in mind, we started reaching out to many more tournament organizers to offer help and financial support in order to be able to create increased coverage globally for the remainder of the year we expect that these eventually gradually announced over the remaining season as they as soon as they are ready to communicate to fans and teams. And other feedback we got from players as well as fans was wanting more clarity in what we were thinking where the likely dates for deep-sea and tied to resume. Our look right now is that we're anticipating the start of the in the first month or two of twenty twenty one. Our hope is that by the end by the time, the first deep-sea leak concludes travel limitations will be more predictable. Spontaneous restrictions will be less likely this allowing for majors with Cross region competition happen where also operating under the assumption that the most likely outcome is for the International to happen in Stockholm in August twenty, twenty one. while. We have other countries backups. We recognize that fans would be upset if we moved to another location if the time savings

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