Opportunity Through Persistence with Cordia Harrington


Hey, guys you know what I love about America and the free, market? Enterprise. What I love about business leadership is what I love about Andre Leadership and that is that we believe that great success can come from humble beginnings. You guys know this. You know in our country, it doesn't matter what your skin color is. It doesn't matter if you're male or female. All. It takes passion drive and a desire to make a difference. You may say why don't have enough money to get started? I don't have enough education I. Don't know the right people guys. I'm telling you those are all just excuses. From the Ramsey network this is the entreleadership podcast where we help business leaders, themselves, their teams and their prophets. I'm your host Daniels Hardy and my guest today is Accordia Harrington she's the founder and CEO of the Bakery Coast today they've got multiple plants and customers around the world including. McDonald's Oh Charlie's pretty big deal. But. It didn't start out that way and like a lot of great success stories that start with really humble beginnings accordions is really not that much different. And all began for her and a small town in Arkansas. I started my first business in Russellville. Arkansas. Do you know where that is i? Know Arkansas. Russell. Okay. Well. Down a beautiful town on a lake about halfway between Little Rock and Fort Smith and my first business was a real estate company concept one realtors and foretelling we use tweet emblem on a real estate vine. Yeah. Little. Did I know? And that began. With the good fortune of having bartered for office space from a doctor that had a big empty building and least my chairs and my desk three dollars a month for the deaths and a dollar fifty a month for the chairs and I was in the real estate business us all five hundred, eighty, seven dollars to buy plywood signs to put in front yards and it grew and it was so much fun. The ladies that I hired. We were the first off you mill business in Arkansas, and the men bankers would literally come by to see what we're doing. And we would stage houses. That's before we knew what staging was and we would try to rearrange the furniture in houses so that they showed the best and it took off so you're showcasing the houses to make them look great. That's very common these days. What was it uncommon? Totally people thought we were so weird to come into their house and stake some pictures down in rearrange the furniture Abed we were trying to give them the best opportunity to get their house sold. You know back then houses there eighteen hundred square foot house two car garage on an acre of land with a lakeview guess how much it was I can't even guess forty thousand, you're really cloak. Thousand. and. So you know and there were lots of properties available and not very many buyers. So it was it was an interesting business in the only reason. I. Got Out of it. I. Loved it. I loved working with the families helping a find a home bettering their life but the people that moved to town the For your family bought the local McDonalds. Daniel. But when I grew up, I didn't know you could own a McDonald's and when I found out, they owned it. I was like all. That is cool. They lived on a Beautiful Lake House they drove a Mercedes than they had every weekend with their family. So for me I thought Gosh this would be so great. They didn't like living in Russellville they wanted to move I love Libyan Russellville K- I can imagine a real estate you weren't necessarily your weekends with wasn't a thing and you're just grinding all the time. So was it was the opportunity for flexibility? What was what like when you kind of had the dream I mean Mercedes is nice but was like drawing you to them exactly. Well, unfortunately, I went through a divorce and my children were one three and five when I did that in having a job that I could be off on the nights and weekends was very motivating. I was driven to spend more time with my kids and yeah I, mean the perks looked nice to but are really wanted quality time with my. Kids an and in as much as I love real estate, it was just impossible. So many business owners I talk to really the family is the reason that they get into owning their own business. You know maybe they work at a corporation at its ninety hours a week than ever see their family, even the money can be nice but I mean, you look up and your kids are. Little and they start growing and you go I'm missing out on their lives. Curious to hear from you how you continue to keep that value as the business grows and scales because there's a little bit of the grass is greener on the other side. If I have my own business, I'll have the flexibility and the autonomy, and it can also be that same dragon that takes you away. From your family if you're not careful yet you're totally right and I haven't the greatest respect for restaurant owners because when I did buy my first McDonald's we were unable to stay in. Russellville that just wasn't the way McDonalds did things and that was offered the chance to buy the EFFINGHAM. Illinois McDonald's where that is I know effingham driven through there once okay. Most people have driven by. Again, a big town of ten thousand people and we had an interstate McDonald's that I purchased. At the time I paid a very high price for it. This was nineteen, eighty, nine paid a million, six, fifty, four it and I had to figure out how to grow sales in order to make that Walker, twenty, seven, thousand, dollar a month payment. And the only way to do it was to drive more sales as you know, that's the way it. But if you'RE GONNA ten thousand, how do you find more people? Yeah. I can imagine I mean the supply and demand kicks in a real way. What was it? An existing store was this new store? It was an existing store in the man was retiring and it was a good store because it was in the middle point if you're driving from St Louis Chicago. Great Place to stop get a bite to eat go to the restroom. Great Location. But again, how do you grow the sales and so? Back and that day an eighty nine we didn't have cell phones, but we did have CB radios. So we began to have some fun get on the radio and go hey, good buddy. If you're driving a bus stop by, we'll give you a free meal if you bring your bus

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