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All right, and we're back with the unnamed. Segment. So what we're GONNA do particularly this week is look at some of these underdogs that the teams that are just on the outside the teams that we didn't see coming in contrast to the Yankees and dodgers who might step up and make a surprise appearance I say surprise even by the standards of we've only got a couple of weeks left in the season. It would still be president. These teams made the playoffs? Oh. Ben, who is the biggest playoff odds riser in the past week. Biggest playoff odds riser chaos giants up by almost twenty five percentage points a nave appear in the segment before so they've been. There pretty much in there every week I don't know how their playoff odds are one hundred percent yet there and they're the big gainers this week. So if we're picking underdog teams coming into this season that we think are the most likely playoff teams now I will take the giants just because they are the Mr Chuck Pitch in that, their playoff odds are the highest compared to any other teams. You could walk into that category that are contenders despite not having high expectations. The giants now are playoff favorites after this latest great week there over five hundred, they're twenty, two and twenty one they have about sixty seven percent chance to make the. Playoffs right now I can't say I totally understand it but they're in really excellent position right now and it's partially I think the bullpen the bullpen has helped them but also the lineup has been great. They're like the Mirror Universe Yankees everything we were just saying about how the Yankees of underperformed and they haven't hit and they're bullpens been bad. The giants are the opposite in every respect. So their offense right now is the fifth best in baseball on the full season I can't really wrap my mind around that. It goes padres, mets, dodgers, white SOx giants fifteen percent better than league and you look at the names. I, mean we've talked about this before but. Look I like brandon belt as much as anyone but brandon belt is hitting three, thirty, seven, four, thirty to six, fifty four right now and L. MVP she I, mean he's a contender got about a man. He's in the conversation because we just brought him up in that conversation. But I think he's one of the more obvious picks there to have a great year. I mean it's Austin slater. It's make you strip skeeve more than following up his great rookie year. He has been fantastic. We've talked about him. It's Donovan Solano it's. A dickerson, it's Wilmer Flores it's Evan Longoria with the resurgence season. It's basically everyone is so i. don't know exactly how this is happening. Grit presby was making even your jokes on twitter earlier and it does have that same sort of feel of I. Don't know exactly how they're doing this, but they keep doing it and now I'm just sort of salivating over a potential. Dodgers giants playoff matchup because what would be better than that? The only scenario that might be better is if they had actually gone with the favorite team gets to pick its playoff opponent because then that would be juicy because if you were the dodgers, you'd probably pick the giants right 'cause they seem like maybe the weakest team in the Outfield, but then the pressure's on because. Giants rivalry and do you want them to come in and embarrass you by beating you in a short series after you pick them because he thought they were the weakest and really if you're the CI- I mean it's all kind of gravy right? 'cause you weren't expected to be their. Readers. Gabe Kaplan clubhouse. No. It's a good point yet too many carbs but yeah, I think. The. Dodgers were the tighten the juggernaut they're expected to be there. The giants are just these underdog at an aware guys and so if they actually matched up given the history between those teams that would be beautiful I simultaneously. Like there's only you know fifty to sixty percent chance that the giants make the playoffs but a one hundred percent chance that they face the dodgers in the playoffs and Mike quite sure how to square those two it would seem to be a logical fallacy but I'm sticking by it because they've been kind of squared up in the one versus eight matchup for a week now, and it seems like it just bound to continue over the next couple. It's it's the kind of chaos that is so chaotic it like it's so obvious that it would almost be anticlimactic if the giants. Faced and beat the dodgers in round one. The other thing in the even your front that I want to mention is Taylor swift put out a new album and it's good and that hasn't happened since two, thousand fourteen and the last time it happened before that was two, thousand twelve, and before that two, thousand ten. So all of the stars are aligning or the forces of chaos and Gigante Tude are converging. So I were going to have to call him something else if if they keep playing like this, all the stars are lining like Donovan. Solano who is now a star? Donovan Solano is I am so convinced he last played for the like twenty eleven marlins I I am. He is like He. Was Haram Boca Chica playing that like that's the the space that he occupies in my memory and it is shocking to me to see not only that he's playing in the major leagues this point by but absolutely killing it so good for him for out running the the

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