182 From Unicorn Companies To Camels w/ Matthew Cowan, Next47 Venture Capitalist


Thanks for pressing play. This is Christopher lockhead follow your different and We continue our run of legendary venture capitalists in Silicon Valley today my Buddy Matthew, Cowan of next forty seven. And Matthew, and I have known each other for longer than I would probably like to admit I met him over twenty years ago when he was a Rockstar at Intel capital. And since then he's been both an investor and entrepreneur before next forty-seven Matthew was the CEO and Co founder of breeze works a mobile crm platforms for for small businesses. And over his investing career, he's invested in a lot of category, queen category, King companies like Jasper, wireless, plum organics, proof point opinions, and many many more. On this episode we have a very wide ranging conversation about venture capital entrepreneurship and a whole lot more I have loved knowing and working off and on with Matthew for a longtime, he's a super smart guy and I think you're GonNa love this one I also if you're a regular listener thank you so much for hanging out I really do appreciate it. You're why we do this and if by chance. Your casual listener or this is your first time Maybe a couple of things you should know first of all, we've been voted the number one dialogue podcast and a dialogue is very different from an interview interviews by definition are inauthentic because what you and I experienced an interview is normally a highly media train guest with key talking points and a professional journalist with a pre configured narrative, and if you start to listen to your typical interview, what you'll notice is a collision between talking points from the guest and the narrative. The host wants drive, and of course interviews get. So somebody decides what you hear and what you don't hear. Well I think all that bullshit I think real conversations make a real difference and I also think real conversations can make the world a different place, and so what you experience on follow your different is a real unedited conversation and look. We have a lot of conversations about business entrepreneurship, venture capital marketing in the like and I know that you're a three hundred sixty degree person. So from time to time, we have leading authors on We have everybody from pastors to Porn Stars and everything in between to keep things well different, and so this is your first time strap yourself in. It's a conversation that you're not normally used to hearing particularly in any kind of a business context. We're sponsored by my good friends at net suite visit net sweet dot com slash different today to learn about the world's number one cloud ERP system. And my friends at the leaders data to everything and on October twentieth

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