The CRUSADE Channel Newscast For September 29th 2020 - burst 2


Which include corona virus pandemic racial unrest and election integrity will give Biden an opportunity to highlight trump's failures. More Wisconsin residents may cast their vote this November thanks to a federal court ruling on Monday that's regarding voter identification procedures. A Wisconsin Federal Court ordered the provision to give greater protections to residents disenfranchised by the states voter ID law. The ruling applies to the ID petition process, which can be used to obtain a receipt valid for voting while other documents are verifications are obtained. Voters will need a receipt that is for valid for voting purposes the ruling. Monday stipulates how receipts should be mailed and it also requires the state to provide greater education opportunities as a means to prevent disenfranchisement meanwhile, voters in New York. City have received mail in ballots for the twenty twenty presidential election mark for military use despite never have been having served in the armed forces, causing confusion and concerns over whether the ballots can or should be used the misprint makes it appear that the voters received official military absentee ballot instead. Of a military slash absentee ballot

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