National Public Lands Day with Ashley Lusk

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Hey Paul Ashley here I am excited for you to tell me all about National Public Lands Day the only thing keeping me saying during the pandemic has been the ability to take my dog and my partner and get in our car and drive to the middle of nowhere and most often that middle of nowhere is usually a state or local or National Park and what I love about these public lands is that anyone can come for a very low price or no price and really find and discover the great outdoors. So Paul tell me more about what makes them so special. Thanks. Today September Twenty Six, twenty twenty is National Public Lands Day the reason I give you the date and year is because this National Day officially falls on the four Saturday of September every year the goal this day which started in Nineteen ninety-four is to volunteer your time by visiting your favorite public land and doing some good like repairing trails or electing trash due to the pandemic psalm not all annual events have been canceled but have no fear of course there are some virtual events I will put a link in the show notes to help you find one. If you do get to your favorite public spot, you can share your story using the public land's Day take. Today's first recommendation is from the she explores podcast it's an interview with advocate Katie Boue. She is an advocate for the outdoors, but Katie explains that she does a lot of our advocating using social media but she also make sure to note that you need to take your actions out into the real world. My guest today is Ashley Lusk. I know Ashley because she is the Co editor of the Bello Collective a publication about audio and podcasts. As a little side note, Bello is a wonderful community that anyone can join in converse with a lot of podcast. Loving people over slack. Outside her work with the Bello collective actually has developed audience strategies for shows like Dolly Parton some MERICA Radio Lab Nancy and great big story. Since. That's a lot of podcast options. I'm not sure. I, can pick just one. But if I must I give you one of my favorite radio lab episodes, it's called the punch line and it's about hockey goon. John Scott who ended up playing in the NHL are game against a lot of odds. You don't have to be a hockey fan to enjoy it. For a third episode, Ashley Recommends P Line from the California love podcast. Ashley says and I quote. California love is a gorgeous and wide-ranging series and I hope you listen to all the episodes but if you wanna see what makes it so special checkout P line an episode about a party line that became a hangout spot for Los Angeles Teens Unquote.

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