Why You Should Build A Local Experience Network In Your Area #1034



Local first is something that a lot of people have been speaking about over the last six to nine months as this pandemic has hit the world and countries borders have been closed in some cases. Even in terms of state borders have been closed. And so what that means is that there's an opportunity for you to Leverage What has become a bit of a cultural shift in terms of thinking local First Choice, whereas before maybe people would travel for these experiences. Now they have to think local or even Regional perhaps and so what that means that if you've got a business that down that that is offering services and experiences. You should get together with other businesses who do the same thing and create a a local experience Network. So if you're sucking spa services, for example, that could be an experience that otherwise people might go to a resort for now, they can't they'd have to go to you whether it was a gym. Golf course some sort of outdoor activity hiking all of those businesses are around local experiences according to be a dining experience. So think about how you can create a local experience Network you sort of brand it as the your area local experiences or something like that. You cross Market those Services amongst your businesses home and you promote each of those experiences within your network. And what you're really trying to do is leverage on a consumer sentiment that is out there right now people can't travel they might want to smoke they can't but they still want to have fun. They still want to experience they're looking for ways to experience stuff locally and it's not always easy to find so why not create a local exchange the network in your area get all those businesses together cross-promote each other try and see if you can drum up some interest amongst the people in your area to think local first log. That is it for today. I do think if your time and I will be back again tomorrow. So yeah.

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