Nations Come and Fall (Ezekiel 26:1718)


Zeki chapter twenty, six, versus seventeen, and eighteen. And they will raise a lamentation over you and say to you how you have perished. You were inhabited from the sees Oh city renowned who is mighty on the see she and her inhabitants imposed their terror on all her inhabitants. Now, the coastlands Trimble on the day of your fall and the coastlands that are on the sea are dismayed at your passing. So this is. The end of two chapters in Ezekiel Chapter Twenty Five, twenty six to begin a series of chapters in the book of Ezekiel where God tells Ezekiel to Prophesy Against Not his people in Judah, the people of God of Israel instead to the neighbors, the nations, surrounding Judah, surrounding his people. So chapter twenty, five starts with the prophecy against Ammon and MOAB and seer and eat him and Felicita and then chapter twenty six begins a prophecy against tire and that's what this whole chapters about. The reason, I read these two verses WanNa pray according to them versus seventeen and eighteen is because God is. Speaking to a nation and a people that had prospered. and. He's talking about how they were mighty on the sea and imposing terror on others they were renowned. But now in an instant God says all of that would be taken away. And he would bring them low and the coast lands would be dismayed at how this once renowned powerful people just like that were gone. Just like that, when the total opposite direction and reading these chapters, these prophecies from God through Ezekiel among the nations is a sobering reminder. That no matter. How Great. Powerful Influential a nation might be. My claim to be might be perceived to be. Nations come and fall and can fall just like that at the sovereign decree of God. And particularly as well. We think about any nation I, know people listen to this podcast and different countries around the world many maybe most from the United States? I just. Want us to be reminded from God's word. No matter what nation we live in and no matter how powerful that nation. May being or claim to be or be perceived to be. Is ultimately in the hands of. An instant everything could change. So. God We. Humble ourselves before you. As Your people in United States. And many other different nations. And we. Humbly confess acknowledged that you are lord and sovereign over. All nations that you hold the United States every other nation in the palm of your hand you raise and you make Lo, and you can do either one in an instant and so God. We pray that you would turn our hearts to you. God We pray just compelled to pray based on. Zeki Chapter? Twenty six for spiritual getting in my own nation in the united. States got we need you save us from ourselves. We have in so many ways turn from you so much that we have approved is displeasing to you dishonoring to you. We are not glorifying you in so many different ways to God reprieve for your mercy I pray for your mercy across. My pray for the spread of your grace and your mercy in the Gospel across my God I pray for that in the city where I live in greater Washington DC God please May Your Gospel Your grace, your mercy, your salvation spread among more and more and more people they more and more. Disciples we made. More and more people trust in you may more and more churches be planned to pray for this in greater Washington. DC, pray for this throughout the United States and whatever nation we might be praying from right now god, we pray for your mercy in our nation's we know that in instant you could lay it all low. And so we pray pray for humility before you pray for fear of you pray for this in our own hearts. We pray for this in the hearts of your people your church got pray for fear of you and humility before you in the hearts of government leaders. God We pray that you would turn many in our nation's to you by your mercy. Before we fall into deep her sinfulness and to. Deeper judgment. Pray this in Jesus name. Amen

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