Sour Shoes Calls in From His Pool as Jackie the Jokeman


Stern show Jackie the joke man in the pool with you're right now. I tell you talking about this corona Larry's I thought it has to do with their I a lot of cases. How in France it looks like a tornado in the only thing left to rob it is bree. President trump doesn't wear a mask. I. Got Diplomatic Community. Jackie you really on your game you're getting political. There was corona virus humor while. Talking about toilet paper being ought to get. You know I use all dues, papers this boiling and let me tell you something. The Times are rough. GotTa Tell You Jackie. I thought it was a dumb move on your part to leave the show, but I see or at the top of your game. With the quarry that was a good thing I left like Richardson did a good thing. We don't see him anymore we had. We had a Co.. A main part of the show without you, the show would not do well. So you're right to break up the Beatles. Should. I was Ringo. Quiz you saw at a blue and red with Georgia. Bully was Brian Lips tied. Stern show.

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