Santa Carolina Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Review


This. Is Dave cheap wine fighter dot. com. Another one. Another day. Wants from Moscow again, and it's a crazy cheap price for. Really Nice one. Let me grab the bottle so I get the name, right? Santa Carolina. Reserva? Cabinet sobbing young from Chicago States in Jakarta Valley in Chile. And, the vintages twenty eight. And it's a really really Nice Cabernet. Chilean cabinet China for me splits the difference between Bordeaux and. California has got the good right fruit of California. And its sleek and lean like Gordo and you put them together. Good. And this is a seven. Forty nine set wine. I wasn't the Internet and it's it's not an expensive wine anywhere, but it's ten to thirteen dollars elsewhere. Seven fifty for cloudy Capita Sauvignon is really crazy. Because Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that you expect. Good. Barrel slavery. Now I don't think this one had any oak barrels. There are other ways to get the oak flavoring in. They I think they said in the tasting Meltzer had contact with. And contact with. Isn't necessarily hope bureau? But whatever they did it works it tastes really really. Really Drinks. Baba's price tag. I'm going to take a separate now. This is. No issues really good tasting very well made. Cabernet Sauvignon it's sleek. It's leaning tasty. Got A great. No the Scott got kind of a little bit of a complicated Flavor profile it's not. It's not like the hugely expensive one where there's layers but the applications. And Yeah I mean Santa Carolina. Has Been Around for one hundred, forty, five years. They know what they're doing and they were one of the video wineries it got destroyed in that two, thousand, ten earthquake. I don't recall that in Chile and they had to rebuild and they did by twenty twelve. And they took the time to invigorate wiring everything else I think last year they were delaying winery the year. So you know from the. From the ashes comes, Victorino. Deals. Another SIP. Tastes grape does not tastes like a seven fifty one again. You. Expect a certain amount of flavoring and improper. Cabernet Sauvignon. We read plans and stuff. You know that's that's open to interpretation but Cabernet. People expect a very specific thing. This delivers. And that's really nice and it's got good grades estate vineyards. They have many states from two states. And expensive winds. Estate Vineyards. Means exclusive. This just means that they had control the grapes. which is a good thing because year after year they're working with those grapes they know. What to do in good years bad years great years anything else they have experienced. So. This is a really good wine The NAME ONE MORE TIME FROM COSCO Senate Carolina's. Valley. Reserve a Cabernet Sauvignon twenty eight, hundred eighteen. I, read that James Suckling, who is the premier wine? Critic right now Robert. Parker junior is a retired nowadays, he was the king for years and. James ducklings take over that role. He gave the white ninety three points I mean. Supposedly. That's what they said on the on websites. I. Didn't actually hear it for him. Ninety three points for seven dollars ninety nine cents Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. Is Crazy. Good. So there you go. I liked it tastes great. It just drinks well above its price tag if you like, Cabernet you WANNA everyday why it's hard to beat this one.

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