Washington, DC panel wants name of segregationist village founder removed from Chevy Chase fountain


To play on locally with a call to remove a segregationist village founder's name. Francis Newlands established Chevy Chase during the 18 nineties. There's a fountain with his name that sits in the center of Chevy Chase Circle, and now locals want his name wiped away a DC advisory Neighborhood Commission panel voting this week to ask the National Park Service. To uproot a plaque there bearing his moniker Shandra Garfield, who proposed the resolution points out that years ago, she would not have been able to move and live there, based on past believes on race in Italy, now our community, in the words of John Lewis. We know better so we must fight for change, and we must do better. Newlands was a known supporter of limiting education for black people and wanted Chevy Chase to be all white. Ken's offi. W T OBY

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