Los Angeles - Apple Fire spreads to 4,125 acres in Riverside County, destroys 1 home as evacuation orders remain in place


For firefighters in Riverside County is the battle of brush fire. This now burned more than 1900 acres and is threatening a number of homes in the Cherry Valley area just north of Beaumont. And as of this morning, there's still a no containment. Editorial. Vanquished order has been issued for some areas near the so called Apple Fire and people in some other neighbourhoods. Also being orders to get out as a precaution. CBS who's Stacey Butler, says investigators Are looking into the possibility that flames were set on purpose. Several neighbors reported that they saw a person and they believed was an arsonist. Someone who was just starting to light fires all over this area. Crews rushed in to protect home shoppers making pinpoint water drops all through the evening. We do understand that one structure was lost. Neighbours tell me that it was a pool house and firefighters on the ground were able to knock that out, and to prevent that fire from getting any closer to the home Temporary evacuation center has been set up at Beaumont High School.

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