Impact of Biden's Choice of Kamala Harris as Running Mate


Just dividing Picking California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Let's get the what this might mean for the Democrats as they head into November for the election. Marty Shankar, chief content officer for Bloomberg News, joins US Marty. Thanks so much for joining us here. What's your initial takeaway of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's running mate? Well, I think you know, and it's been spoken about all morning and yesterday afternoon. It's a historic pick. She is the first Whom the person of color to be on a major ticket advice. Presidential candidate and you know, it solidifies what some Think was a somewhat of a vulnerability for Joe Biden. That's with the with the black voters. And I think that you know it was an excellent choice. Well, Marty, you say that. But will there be any pushback from black voters given her record on criminal justice reform and as a prosecutor Yeah, You know, I think that's been a problem for her. If this came out Bloomberg another George stories about her role in as attorney general in California. Oh, and as a district attorney in San Francisco. She has Been criticized for being Dick really aggressive in her prosecutions and resisting remuneration for those wrongly prosecuted, But that was you know, decades ago. Um, I think that you know, it will be a line that GOP uses against her and they've already started. Um, but I think her attributes will probably be able to overcome those What do you think This means? This ticket here the way this potential campaign may unfold in the next couple of months means for financial markets here. Well, you know, I think the important thing you know no one's really talking about it. But Pamela Harris and Joe Biden. Their policies really are dependent on what happens in the Senate if the Senate remains in Republican hands. They're going to have a really hard time getting any of their policies through so I think the focus really needs to be on those important Senate races, their number of them That were supposedly safe for Republicans who are now in tossup territory. And I think place like main on Arizona. So you I think that that's really going to be a pivotal thing for markets. But I do think that if you didn't see it the other day, Ed in the former editor in chief of Barons wrote a piece in The Wall Street Journal saying that Biden presidency is going to be great for markets. Yeah, absolutely. And I think you know, market participants are already saying that we had marked as Reon yesterday. Who, you know, obviously. Is it a financier, too? The Biden campaign and so he obviously was very pleased with the comma Harris choice to It would have been his choice. Marty, what happens between now and November in the sense that Joe Biden can be a little bit unpredictable? Is there a way that he could throw this? Well, you know, when people asked the what my thoughts are on the election coming up by continually say it's Joe Biden's to lose. And there is and I think the debates coming up the three debates and the debate the vice presidential debate this just one could have A really important role in how this election place out. So yes, Bonnie. It's quite possible that Joe Biden could say something or perform. Poorly and that may have a real impact on the race, which, despite the polls, I believe is pretty close. Marty, How do you think these candidates for the president and Vice President Biden How will they campaign over the next several months is it just could be a serious of television interviews and things like that? Yes, And I think you know, like today they will do a a century a small audience of participants so she'll be distant with I'm sure with mass And that's the way it's going to be until November. I mean, Donald Trump certainly would like to make it a more on the GOP side. Would liketo have his huge rallies, But I don't think that's gonna happen, so it's going to be as usual and unprecedented campaign. Virtual events on on video and that actually made Plato Bidens and ban it because he's much better in Hello. Prompted characters rather than life. Yeah, Marty, what makes you say that? You think it's closer than the polls suggest right now? What votes? Is the pole missing? Well, you know, we did a story about a theory that when potential voters are speaking to Pollsters. They may say that they are voting for the Democrat when in fact they are going to vote for Trump. I think that the There is this phenomenon and people just not willing to tell what they're That they support Donald Trump to pollsters. So I do think that there's that element of undercounting Trump's support. Fascinating. It's going to be just amazing. Several months. It feels like every presidential election in the United States brings up some new constitutional challenges and debates and difficulties, and this one's going to be no different. Marty Shankar's chief content officer here Bloomberg News. And of

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