2 children, 2 adults rushed to hospitals after Northwest Washington, DC hit-and-run


On a sidewalk in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of northwest DC this early evening were hit by a speeding car before the driver ran away. W T. O P S Dick Uliano reports from near the scene Eye. Witnesses say the driver of a dark gray Nissan ultimate with DC tags was going very fast. North on 18th Street near Newton. When the car ran up on the sidewalk, striking the pedestrians where I came out, I saw two kids bloody and A woman on the ground right? Harris, who lives on 18th Street, heard the crash and ran outside and he was going probably 50 60 Miles an hour, So he got out of the car driver also hit at least one parked car a tree and damaged the wall as it careened down the sidewalk. A car eventually crashed for good on Newton Street, and the driver ran in northwest DC Dick Uliano w T. O P knew at last report that driver was still on the loose D C. Police, of course say they are looking for him tonight. Corona virus cases are on a slight

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