Pennsylvania Supreme Court extends mail ballot deadline


Court, extending the deadline for mail in ballots. The ruling will have a significant impact on when the Commonwealth vote count is finalized as we're from Kevin Abuse suburban bureau chief Jim Amore. Mail in ballots have to be postmarked by eight PM Election Day November 3rd, But they'll be counted as long as they arrive at county elections offices by Friday, November 6th. That's according to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's opinion in a case brought by Pennsylvania Democrats. The decision also says counties can use ballot drop boxes. Governor Wolf says they're reviewing the decision, but overall I think it really makes the access to voting. Better on so I welcome the decision. The opinion also says state law that requires poll watchers on Leigh servant counties where they live is constitutional. The suit also requested if there were errors on a ballot, the voter be contacted to correct, but the court says that's an issue for the Legislature, not for the judiciary. It does say the law's clear, though, if someone fails to use the so called secrecy envelope that inside enveloped the balance returned in that ballot can be tossed and not counted. At the the suburban suburban suburban bureau bureau bureau Jim Jim Jim Mel Mel Mel work. work. work. Okay, Okay, Okay, what what what W W W news news news Radio Radio Radio 3021 3021 3021

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