Boston Celtics Blew It In Game 1


The Western Conference finals is on Friday night game one of the Eastern Conference Final Scowl was on Tuesday night and that was a fantastic game in the eastern conference. It was a back and forth affair it looked like Boston. Had IT. Scale, the Celtics controlled most of the game up behind a thirty five, twenty, three fourth quarter including a big Jimmy Butler corner three it was a tight game heading overtime and then in in overtime scale is a fantastic finish with Boston's young star Jason Tatum having the ball driving the WHO for a game tying dunk that was blocked at the rim by tremendous defensive play by Bam at a bile. Just think of this. That that play by Bam I don't I don't know like the Lebron block comes to mind. But from a playoff standpoint man that was a big time block I think I think that blocked will be seeing for a long time to come over and over and over again on the highlight package, but you know by. The Celtics to me really blew this game. They came out with the right mindset of playing basketball the right way with force and purpose and moving the basketball, and then they just thought was too easy and they let Miami back in Miami, you know built up a six point lead in the Celtics again in the third quarter a stark afford quarter build another lead up to fourteen points in this lead now and Miami. Just completely chipped away very to me a very, very disappointing style of play from the Celtics I don't if you. WanNa, beat the Miami Heat and it's not like you shouldn't do. You should know this going in you got to move the basketball and the Celtics a trot around talking about we gotta move the ball. We got to share it when we moved the ball run stoppable and then they proceed when they get a fourteen point lead moving the ball, they go on and play isolation for the last ten minutes of the fourth quarter. I thought I thought a not a I don't want to call an embarrassing performance but I really thought it was. On characteristic for them to play that style against the heat team which you know going in, you cannot play isolation basketball against the heat you have to put those guys on the move. Yeah, you do you have to share the ball you have to move it. Boston. Look good throughout much of the game scall- especially in the second half on the third quarter looks like they took control and into the fourth quarter. What Miami made the big plays down the stretch a mentioned Jimmy Butler corner three in Bam's big block at the rim on the Celtics side sidescale some of their young wings in particular played very well Marcus smart was terrific. Yet twenty six points. He made six of thirteen threes. A Jason Tatum Jalen, Brown were. Solid almost got. One of the things that I think has a lot of people including this guy himself scratching their head that is Celtics Point Guard Kemba. Walker you really struggled scale on Tuesday night. He was just six for nineteen from the floor one for nine from three, and after the Game Kemba Walker said, I'm just playing terrible to be honest I just have to be

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