HOT SMOKED HERRING recipe with Niklas Ekstedt


I'm Nicholas extent. I'm a chef and restaurateur in Stockholm and I run a small little restaurant in the very very center of Stockholm called X. that smile. So it's often my second name so easy. I've chosen this recipe because it's very close to my heart. And it's something that I. Very much love and it's herring. When I was a kid growing up, we always had herring once a week and it was usually something we had in the end of the week like a Friday or Thursday and in Sweden. We also always eat herring as the starter for big celebrations. If it's for midsummer Christmas or eastern, it's always herring and fresh potatoes were small potatoes. This one of chosen because it has a very personal touch to it. So it's hot smoked herring and when I hope smoke stuff, it's a higher temperature I always use birch, but you could do this with. As. Well. So imagine yourself that you're smoking in your regular barbecued could be one of those American similar round grills. So what you would do, you could actually use charcoal and you could add something like juniper branches of Oak or something to it. So you need heat but you also need smoke. And then you just put the herring into the grill and then you let it cook in the hall smoke. What's really good if you have the time is to take the herring out of the refrigerator while before you put it into the ground because otherwise the cold fish will cool down the grilled. So it's nice if you have it room temperature for this recipe will also need little bit of salt. What I do is when I lined the fish in the grill, let the smoke coming I put the little bit of salt on. Top. And I serve the hauled smoked herring with clams and carrots. So when the fish depending on the size of the Haringey could be like approximately fifteen to twenty minutes depending on on the smoke. If it's not done, you can just leave it in the grill until it falls off the bone. And then during that time just clamps or you could cook muscles with it as well. Just Cook them regularly like a moon with some white wine, some onions, and then sometimes I can put some vegetables in there may be carrots or cauliflowers well, and then you serve the cooked clamps with the hot smoked herring. It's so good. It's one of the favorite things right now actually in the fall time. So that's my recipe smoked herring with class.

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