Machine Learning in 2020 with Zoiner Tejada

.NET Rocks!


Going to be a great show by the way I can tell already but before we before we start I wanted to formally apologize to all of the friends that received a personal email from me. That said something like hi, this is Carl from quaker hill. I'd like to refer customers to you on a line. -able. Please join. So I, call this the line -able invasion. Now I am ice align -able is a thing that's kind of like linked in right you go on it's for the purpose of sharing business contacts and trying to drum up new business with people that you might know you might not know you have a network that way right. But I had been getting these emails like my friends to Scott from me for months, and I've been ignoring them and. They started to become more frequent and the people that were sending them started to be a little higher to people you know on the list of people that I would like to actually do business with right. So I decided to take the plunge and when I went in a line of dot Com said to me. Well. Now that you're here you know would you like to invite your friends and I said, sure. So I think I gave it access to my contacts which I don't really remember it was all kind of a blur. Scotch involved I really don't know and maybe something stronger than say I really don't know. But anyway needless to say, I did authorize them to access my quote unquote contact list whatever that is and everybody that I've ever emailed ever tweeted ever facebook like got this message from me. I'd like to be able to refer clients to you or or whatever. And I got a lot of people coming back and say, Hey, Carl, this really you. And also responding to my emails as if like it was a personal email, they made it sound like I wrote it by hand. The number one hit on Google for a line of Eliza liable. The worst spam bought social platform of all mankind. Exactly I mean. I'm willing to give it a shot. You know the people that can actually go there and you know maybe we can help each other maybe we can't. But I, just need to personally apologize to anybody who's listening that got an email from me. I'm not going to be offended if you just completely ignore it. So that's my story I have no idea if the platform itself is any good I mean right apparently, it's good at getting my friends to think that I'm really more interested in them than I am. Seems very social engineering, but you know all any trying to launch a social media platform. At this point, you've got to get critical mass. So hijacking people's contact lists is kind of par for the course. Yeah, and I don't mind if they were clear about what they were doing and that there was going to be a personal message written by me at least I should have been able to review it. Edit it but so deceptive, not a good star. Yeah exactly. So anyway. I was talking designer before you got on and he got one of course he got one 'cause I had emailed him in the past yes. So Anyway I mean I might have one two. Maybe I'm sure he did Raphael Daily. Sorry.

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