Walker, Shawn Williams And Governor Kemp discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


That's right. Roger IC. Walker released from the Fulton County Jail on a signature bond and wearing an ankle monitor. He's being seen by several doctors to evaluate his injuries. His lawyer, Shawn Williams, still seeking charges against the now fire deputy who seemed beating Walker and that now viral video. We're here because he was in a car. They stopped the car for a traffic violation which my client was not driving in. The car incident report from the arrest, says Walker was not wearing a seat belt during that stuff. The former deputy being identified his Brandon Meyers, walkers and Williams will be holding a press conference around 11 this morning Reporting live Michelle, right. 95.5 WSB Georgia ranks near the bottom in census participation. Governor Kemp says the clock is ticking. The counting is scheduled End at the end of this month. The pandemic has not been at the forefront of people's mind that it's really important, he says. The senses can affect funding for healthcare, long term care facilities and representation in Washington, Georgia could lose $100 million if it's undercounted by even 1% Airlines meet with White House officials to push for more federal Corona virus eight. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said the goal is to get a deal in place before October 1st, which is when the initial funds expired. Mutual reports. Airlines like Atlanta based Delta are trying to have Would massive layoffs is air travel remains extremely light. A new study from Harvard underlines the importance of masks to stop the spread of Corona virus, particularly during air travel. It says. An infected couple both wore masks during a 15 hour international flight, and none of the 350 other passengers got set. Several airlines including Atlanta Base, Delta Mandate Mass on all flights. In fact, Delta has posted that Harvard study on its site. WSB news Times. 6 35 help crows often

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