Philadelphia sued over bill limiting flavored tobacco sales


Officials struck back today at three cigar makers that are suing the city over a bill that limits the sales of flavor. Tobacco products. Okay, whatever you City Hall bureau chief Pat Lowe reports, the officials charged. The suit is a threat to both public health and racial justice. Late last year, City Council banned the sale of candy flavored cigarillos in any establishment that allowed Children inside the cigar makers charge. This was effectively a ban on all sales since few stores are adult on Lee. And they sued on three grounds that the law is preempted by state tobacco regulation that it's vaguely worded and overly broad. These companies ought to be ashamed of themselves. Health Commissioner Tom Farley says. The products are designed to appeal to Children with bright packaging and sweet flavours, alleging the intention is to get them addicted to nicotine. A drug that kills this is like selling Coke, good 19 and corner stores. Doctor Farley says the products particularly target minority youth before the law, they were much more widely available in communities of color. You want to see one concrete Example, why African Americans have higher rates of cancer and heart disease. You have to look any further than these flavored cigarillos. None of the three companies suing the city responded to requests for comment. Pat Lowe became y W NewsRadio

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