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Hey, Hey, Here we go. Good morning. I'm Kenny with your might talk traffic and we do have a couple of closures coming this weekend. This report brought to us by Cub Foods North bound 35 w shutting it down. All weekend long from the Burnsville split all the way up to the 4 94 strips starts. 10 PM Friday runs through 5 A.m. Monday. Sounds like Highway seven will also be closed this weekend between Mary Wood Lane. And Waterford plane. Oh, what a couple of lovely lanes Mary Wood Lane and Waterford Lane that also running Friday night, actually 7 p.m. Friday night until 5 a.m. Monday. The only traffic item right now is south on 1 69 0 e gross, Seeing a big, old stinky jam approaching Elk River from 205th all the way down to Jackson Avenue. It's due to a single lane zone there. Related to emergency road repair. Those repairs should be completed by 4 P.m. today. And as for right now, be happy if you could get through that jam in under 10 minutes. Fight the flu with a drive up flu shot at Cub go to cup dot com slash flu for a location near you available at select locations this Saturday 9 A.m. to 3 P.m.. You can get your flu shot without

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