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And Cubs in business. Global stocks here mostly higher this morning. U. S Futures Air Oppa's well Dow futures up about 130 points. Now an update on w G N traffic and Vicky Cocoons Ian Good morning. This traffic report is brought to you by window works with over 1005 star Google reviews Window works is you're easy choice to replace your windows. Now take 60% off of labour. No money down. No interest. No payments until 2020 to visit my window works dotcom for down to the penny price eastbound 80 right after hall Stead. We're still dealing with this trailer fire that now has been put out but still blocking the right lane and traffic backed up. Two kids E. Also in the Nile's area. New crash reported at the intersection of Greenwood and golf Heavy delays on the inbound Eisenhower from Wolf to 25th and bound Stevenson backed up from Ashland onto that inbound in Ryan ramp. Dan Ryan on the brakes from the Stevenson to the burn. I'm Vicky Kukushkin from the idol Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. A woman is in critical condition after a pickup truck hit her while she was waiting at a bus stop last night in Chicago. Witnesses say the vehicle was part of last night's Mexican independence celebration, which brought Number of vehicles and trucks into downtown streets. A witness staying at a nearby hotel saw how the event unfolded. Almost hit me about this bar. He flipped his friends over truck close the tailgate. And then after that, he, uh about 5 10 minutes and it came back a beggar and a lady was just Simba's witnesses say others who saw the crash ran over to try to help the woman even taking a flag that they had found to tie a tourniquet around her legs to stop the bleeding. Police are still looking for the driver. This happened just before midnight in the 1100 block of South Michigan Man was killed last night in Northside Sita Red Line station victim was shot several times at the more station in Rogers Park. Police say the shooter opened fire from a passing vehicle. He hasn't been caught yet. The victim's name has not been released. Governor Pritzker says If Illinois doesn't get federal funding, several state and city jobs may be lost. He says public safety

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