President Trump, President And Joe Biden discussed on This Morning: America's First News with Gordon Deal


Is CBS News on the hour? Your home for original reporting. I'm Cami McCormick President Trump and Joe Biden are taking it to the battleground States. President Trump in Wisconsin. Last night years you had a president who apologized for American. Now you have a president who is standing up for America and standing up for the state of Wisconsin Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and a CNN Town hall in Pennsylvania, criticizing President Trump's Corona virus response. I used to think that mass don't matter very much. He always says it and then he has these large gatherings only with everybody around with no mass on and it's extremely dangerous. Biden's charges come after more reports of a split between the president and top health experts, the latest involving the CDC director who said face mask will be more effective. In an early vaccine, Dr Anthony Fauci told W. T O p radio that both are right. I don't think it really is. A substantial disagreement regarding the president and the director of the CDC is in the difference between the availability of vaccine doses. And when they will impracticality be fully administered to everybody in the country in California of fire northeast of Los Angeles, has forced Mohr evacuations and a missing firefighter has now been found dead in the San Bernardino National Forest. There is some welcome relief for wildfire ravaged Oregon. It's raining there. Always challenges with a storm like this, such as winds and lightning strikes, But our firefighting teams tell me that we're very grateful for the rain Governor Kay Brown. Another problem could be mud slides from all the charred ground coin TVs. Jennifer Tao, Li Shawnee Selmer and her family went back September 12 to see what remained of their home. Their feet crunched on the charred remains capturing images of her daughter's black and bike frame. A bombed out work van containing the remains of tools used in the family's commercial flooring business. The family fears heavy rains could wash away what's left because we lived on a Cliff, So everything is kind of just going to show off the cliff. It looks like the house is in her. Brent Sean is family is hoping rain will put out fires and will stop short of causing any more chaos. 35 people

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