The Promise of a New Covenant (Ezekiel 11:18-20)


Ezekiel Chapter Eleven versus eighteen to twenty. When they come there. They were removed from it all it's detestable things and all its abominations. And I will give them one heart. And a new spirit I will put within them. I'll remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh. That they may walk in my statutes, keep my rules obey them. And they shall be my people and I will be their God. These, these verses are like. Drinking Water in a desert when it comes to reading through Zeki Lange's seeing God's. Just and righteous judgment upon sin and idolatry and immorality among his people. And yet in the middle of chapter eleven here we see this promise. That God is even in his discipline, God is accomplishing purpose and will one day restore his people to himself remove these detestable things and abominations for among them. Then, we'll have a new spirit in them. Remove the heart of stone. God says removed from their flesh I'll give them a heart of flesh that they may walk in my. Keep my rules and obey them. They shall be my people I will be their God. Now, this is one of couple of places in Ezekiel or we see prophecy. Promises of the new covenant. which by the way is what tested means Covenant between God and his people that Jesus would make possible as we get into the New Testament of the Bible. and. The book of Ezekiel in the sense especially as we read about judgment after judgment after judgment from God. Is a clear reminder. That we need God to do what we cannot do ourselves. We need. God to save us from our sins. Forgive US cleanse us from our sins. We need God to give some new spirit. Put a new spirit in us that enables us to walk in his statutes, keep his rules and obey them. We can't do that on our own where we got to be so careful. As followers of Jesus says those who've trusted in Jesus not to live like we can obey God's statutes and rules walk in his ways in our flesh on our own we need his spirit inside of us. Leading, guiding, directing, helping, empowering us to live according the life he's call to, and that's exactly what the spirit of God is. Four. So I just want to encourage your Dan WanNa pray accordingly that you would not live today in the flesh meaning in your own attempts to say God into do what he has called us to do but the you and live in the power of the spirit of God in you who enables you to walk in God's statutes and keep his rules and obey them that you. I would live spirit filled spirit directed Holy Spirit empowered lives and God may be so. We we we praise you your grace. We. Praise you for your provision for our salvation is we praise you for doing what we could not do. We we praise you for doing what we could not do none of us. The best of US could not do none of us can keep all of God's rules and statutes and laws. We have all rebelled against you God and Jesus. Alone perfectly obeys perfectly fulfills your law. We praise you, Jesus. As the senlis perfect son of God. WHO CHOSE TO PAY THE PRICE FOR OUR SINS on? Across Rose from the dead and victory over sin and the grave, a Sinden Heaven and set your spirit down. into our lives as we trust in you as we look to, you place our faith in you. You've put your spirit and so with your spirit us, we pray today lead us. Guide US direct US enable US empowering us. By your spirit to live the full abundant life, you've called and created us to live. We just confessed today in a fresh way. We can't experience that kind of life on our own. We need you your spirit in us to empower us to live the abundant like you've called is to help us to walk in your statutes. Today help us to keep your rules to help us to obeying your good laws today by the power of your spirit in us make us spiritual people who are led by the spirit of God guided by the spirit. Comforted by the spirit of God directed by the spirit of God, Spirit of God have your way in our lives. Today we need you WanNa John. Fifteen five way we say we can do nothing without you Jesus without your spirit leading us. So lead us with the heart and spirit you've given to us for our good and for Your glory. Pratice in Jesus name. Amen.

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