Pete Hamill, legendary New York columnist, has died


I have some sad news as well being informed that apparently legendary New York Post and Daily News columnist Pete Hammel has passed away. Unfortunately, at the age of 85 so he was a longtime editor. For the New York Post and a longtime columnist for the both The post and the News rush. You and I spoke with his brother, Dennis family, also a terrific columnist of mine. And, You know, people who know their history may remember this. But Pete Hamill was a pretty close friend of Robert Kennedy and Hammel helped persuade Robert Kennedy to run for president back in 1968. He worked on Kennedy's campaign. Then he covered it as a journalist, and he was one of four men who actually disarmed, sir. Hand, sir. Hand you know, removed his gun in the aftermath of that Kennedy assassination is a pretty good documentary series about that Kennedy assassination on Netflix. He's one of you know, when you talk about family you're talking about him and Jimmy Breslin. I mean those air, the legendary people. I'm saying Steve Dunleavy. I'm so sad about that, because he's really and you know, I gotta call Dennis the minute we get off the he Not only, though, would Bobby Kennedy, but he was quite The man on his earlier days dating Jackie Ah Onassis Onassis. Linda Ron's that Shirley Maclaine. I mean, he got around. I want you to know that. Well, see, we're even. We're mourning his death even more. If that's the case.

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