8-5-2020 The Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show - burst 14

Lance McAlister


Tech break up the Marlins marlins sweep a doubleheader tonight over the Orioles Marlins now five and one I forget was John Hayman somebody tweeted. One of the baseball writers tweeted that the Marlins this is the latest in the season, the Marlins they've ever been in first place the years they won the world series they were wildcards. Let me repeat that this is the latest in franchise history the Florida marlins Miami Marlins have been in first place they sweep a doubleheader tonight they are five and one after everything they've gone through. What nine days without playing seventeen guys on the injured list one opting out replacement players being signed off the streets. Olympic speed skaters being signed in the marlins sweep a doubleheader tonight. The white sox fall to the brewers one to nothing. ooh Heck of a pitch up matchup pitching matchup tonight Hauser and Del Dallas Heikal the Yankees and phillies split a double header. Tonight was the Blue Jays over the braves two to one. The twins beat the pirates twins are ten and to the pirates are to ten.

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