Tropical Storm Isaias: Damage widespread, power outages reported across Long Island, New York


A lot left to clean up like gone Long Island, not far from Huntington Village, near Park Avenue in Greenlawn Roads, trees fell into a a house, house, a a car car branches branches made made it it like like a a twisting twisting maze. maze. Other Other streets streets were were not not passable passable because because tree tree after after tree tree blocked blocked the the roadway. roadway. Until Until residents residents did this and cut the trees into pieces, removing them and in Huntington Station, I met this man who had a tree fall on top of his pickup truck always was driving and I hear the cracking noise. And the windshield just cracks and I just feel something in my hands. I just crouch and get under the sea and The car slow moving on, dragging the tree and then I jump out the window because I don't know. What else is going on? He showed me a small scratch on his arm. His injuries could have been much worse. Another issue. Streetlights are out Good Samaritans across the area, got out of their homes and their cars and started directing traffic. Sophia Hall, WCBS news Radio 8 80 the peninsula where the Atlantic Ocean meets Queens. For once. Most of the damage here in the Rockaways isn't from flooding. But from the wind at some point so strong you could barely stay on your feet. Was enough to knock several trees down in the area. I didn't think it was even that much rain started with with the the rain, rain, and and then then the the wind wind came came and and then then I I mean, mean, that's that's a a pretty pretty big big tree. tree. Denise Denise is is pointing pointing down down the the street street to to a a car car crushed crushed under under the the weight weight of of several several branches branches little little reminiscent reminiscent of of Sandy, Sandy, I I would would have have to to say, say, because because we lived here during Sandy, just get nervous about things like that. Pulling down people getting injured. That car belongs to this man who didn't want to give his name but tells me he watched it all happened to trees and two hours apart. Three different directions of the wind down and hit the car, a block away neighbors or getting to work sawing a tree that had fallen on some power lines and is now leaning on a house fire department quickly arrived to clear clear the the branches branches off off the the wires. wires.

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