SiriusXM: Simplecasts price; Pandoras decline



Sirius, XM's financial report for quarter to twenty twenty has been released. The company owns stitcher simple cast Pandora ads with the acquisition price for simple cast unreported at the time was twenty, eight, million dollars Pandora which Sirius. Xm owns now has fifty nine point six million monthly active users that figure dropped by one point three, million in the last quarter. Poor casting is finally big business as an article for Jovana which focuses on an overview of recent deals. You'll find it linked in our show notes and newsletter today talking about show notes spotify now supports html formatting for show notes as to use the description field rather than content and coded. Lasts in American podcast report is out from Triton digital covering the four weeks ending July the fifth the top ten podcasts have seen a slump in downloads down by over ten percent the highest new entry number eleven a financial podcast from radio's Grupo Globo. has made a fancy short pass. You can type podcast dot new into a browser straight into the episode builder. It's part of Google's ownership of the new to Maine and elision claims to be the world's first podcast APP that's focused on learning and issued a statement with podcasts enriched with rich audio visuals, which the company claims his quote, a unique listening format, which enriches the audio content with text photos and links, which is a bit like. Others. And Impalas News Nice, white parents, launched yesterday. It's the first from cereal productions, a New York Times company. It's a new limited podcast series about building a better school system and what often gets in the way wight parents,

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