WNBA players urge people to vote against team owner, senator


W. NBA. Stars are openly endorsing Kelly Leffler opponent in her Georgia sit race despite her ownership stake in one of the teams, leagues. W Now? No No, no. No they're not supporting Ralph warnock Nah I'm sorry Doug Collins No. That's Boring College Board Ralph. WARNOCK WNBA. Stars are openly endorsing Reverend Raphael warnock for the US Senate seat currently held Atlanta Dream Cone or Kelly Leffler Leffler Georgia Republican previously used her position as a team owner as a political stance in her hotly contested special election players called on WNBA Commissioner. Cathy Engelbert to ban Leffler from the League after her comments against the black lives matters group. You know she. She's writing this. HELP INNER Players across the WNBA have long been vocal opponents of Senator Kelly Leffler Georgia. Republican who also happens to Cole the League's Atlanta Franchise. But as the special election for Leffler appointed senatorial seats up stars are using their platform to explicitly rebel against the controversial politician prior to Tuesday nights matchup between the Phoenix Mercury and the Atlanta Dream members of both teams express support. For Reverend Raphael. warnock. By wearing t shirts that read vote warnock according to representatives for the mercury players on the Chicago Sky also donned the black and white shirts prior to their game against the Dallas Wings players on the Seattle Storm in Connecticut also wore the shirts prior to the game which you know these people who were I guess they just eight Kelly leveler. Okay. Now, here's the thing. If they schrief walls in the forest and no one is around. Does it make a sound? If. They WNBA player takes political position does anyone know unless there's a reporter there to tell them and then does anyone care? No one watches the Wnba these are the people who off the court because of the national anthem they didn't even neil they walked off the court.

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