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I mean Tabas Welcome. Thanks for having us. Hello. Look there I the name of your town Roy Euchema. It's Yakima. So we have a lot of Indian native American names here. So we China and. Yakima we know. We know it's okay. We'll look talking about the the living in the you work from. Can you give us an idea of the population and the clients that you'll servicing? Yes. So calculation here is I guess our county is around two hundred thousand or so. But really like our city is around one, hundred thousand. So we're a farm town. So we produced seventy percent of the world tops, and so if you drink a beer, the odds that we grew here in Yakima are incredibly high and we also produce a large or should have the apples, peaches, cherries hairs were the fruit Bolsa. We're surrounded by farms and you come out here is that way you'll clients coming from from that family and community? Yeah. A lot of the farm owners, and of course, you know that's going to spur on other business in the area and so yeah, like our clientele. So our suit is a good pair of jeans. In the Collared Button. Up, shirts. If. You get fancy you can tuck your shirt in. If you WANNA, get really fancy you can just add like a blue blazer and anything beyond that is the super formal event that only happens once a year. And as obviously you guys both working the business do you have totally separate roles or overlap quite a bit? Yeah I would say we have pretty separate roles. Well, it all started when we started photographing weddings together and actually be very had kids. We've been married for twelve years before we had kids we did everything together. We sat side by side on our computers and photograph together did it all together but now with the kids, it's like I'm on duty in the office and I do a lot of the correspondence, the photo editing, the marketing things like that tavist as most of the photographing and all of the in person sales after and going to the clients home and inside the wall art so. Nowadays we actually do way more by ourselves the we do together but. is to be altogether your are you both actually shooting still? and. Then you both go out to weddings together would go to the same family portal's Tavistock one and I mean, you take another It just depends like this past Saturday, we had two separate events. So I went to one and tavist went to another with a an associate char and then family sessions he'll just go himself or take Khloe, our associate, and then every once in a while I'll get a babysitter and we'll both do the same wedding. It's really the kids that have changed the way the business runs yet, which is normal for every couple. Yeah, it's season and once they're grown and and shifting into the gears, they're going to be doing in life. I'm sure will spring back and. More together. Show and did I get that raw in the charter that it started with the wedding photography business and then you move into portraiture It did and you know the interesting thing is this we actually started as A. Company, and so it was back. When if you said, you did HD video it was like a marketing thing like it was like Oh you do hd like it was kind of like you offer the digital. Gets US important as that, and so we started with that and then quickly found every client wanted photography and we're like, okay, it's the same. We're doing all the manual settings on the video. Let's get into the tire free still world up, and so we quickly went full till photography and then soon thereafter drop the video side of things just because the workflow was difficult for our team size and we're like, Hey, let's just focus more on the photography inside and kind of fell into our laps that we even did. Weddings in the first place because we are both in college at the time and I was studying to be a teacher and I thought well in the summer like photographs a few weddings and then Soviet teacher year round. But by the end of our college career, we were doing late twenty five to fifty weddings a year twenty five was our first year and then fifty or next like, okay. Let's switch gears. Let's just do this full-time. So it was never like our lifelong plan to be wedding photographers it just kinda happened. But it's been a lot of fun. So then why the transition into portraiture. Well you know it's so interesting because for those of you that are wedding photographers out there, you'll know exactly what I'm about to say is is when you're at these events, it's kind of a commercial for yourself as an artist as a porsche artist because you're photographing families in in after that couple that you photograph, they then begin to start a family. So the longer you're in the industry. It really has a natural velopment to all of these people that you're just kind of their household photographer. You're a part of the family and your role is the artist right and we just start at the wedding side, and then as they begin to have kids and stuff like that, we do the newborn and then the family stuff, and then of course, you begin to be known for that also. Of course photographs, people, you didn't do their wedding, but ultimately, we've always kind of done family photography alongside weddings. More focused on weddings. But just recently, we decided to create a brand around that in a really helps with clear marketing messaging and all that stuff and being able to run promotions and not have it be conflicting with our you know bride and grooms, and you know the marketing pumping out for the wedding size thing. So that's why we split the brains. We didn't necessarily just start doing that we just made it super clear that we do that.

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