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The Sega Genesis and the mega drive as well. But my friend, it's a consul of a different kind that was showcased earlier today. We're recording this and that was the xbox series. X was on full display. Ours the power, and see all the Nice Shiny Games that are coming out very soon in the not too distant future Oh. At least we hope so, but some I. Know are not going to be there at the time of launch, but. It is the experts series x showcase, some of the games that were announced and shown off games like a new Ford shock upon all shocks. A new four is coming out. What do you know? New Fable game which I know, a lot of people are excited about as dusk falls nice, interactive sort of really different, looking Cel, shaded cartoonish, but with a serious serious dramatic side to it that would really looks very interesting, stated decay three. It's been a very big hit for. So far so coming out with state of decay, three process far X which I believe is support. That is coming over as well with the XBOX series x upgrade and boost the medium ever wild rounded. All Great Games look very nice, but very interesting. And Hail infinite had a ton of minutes out there actually few minutes out there that showed off and showcase as far as new gameplay is concerned. I percents liked the best avowed, which has a very oblivion esque type, look and feel. I'm going to be honest with you. My friend everything nice and shiny everything looked nice, glossy looked a little bit better than what the playstation five had offers far as the Shiny Games. Maybe the textures were popping a little bit better for me on the XBOX series X. Games. The playstation against were shown off. But, the lack of games that were shown off period can asked me disappointed overall. Yeah, honestly, man. It's been such a weird year for video games, you know we allege allegedly self, cyberpunk and assassin's creed coming out here but like. Playstation had a similar. Similarly disappointed with xbox as I am with playstation, but still I got you know I'm a little excited about it and also like Nintendo did their little mini direct, and like their big game was WHAT TEN CITATION FORGET! The name of the game is called, but you know it's just that there's not really I I'm curious if a lot of these companies are keeping things close to their chest, because of the covid thing like they don't know win. These games are going to be able to come out, but. You Know I. Yeah, it was cool to see halo infinitives cool to see. The announcement of new fable and Forza, but yeah a lot of these games they showed were kind of like they made. You wonder is this. Is this the biggest thing that they have coming out because I? Don't know if you noticed but a lot of the Games. xbox shows they have very. It doesn't really look like they're utilizing the capabilities of the new constantly. Brag about it, side, it's they're very like cartoony in animated. And they're not really highlighting like it looks like something that could be played on the xbox one. Again it did. They were look nice looking games. They were very nice looking games. But. It was just the fact that there weren't enough. Plus like I said, it's just seemingly that there are a step behind what place has to offer. When playstation debuted over thirty games, and they were right around the single digits to double digits hovering around ten. That's not a good ratio. My friend, obviously some of these playstation games on playstation five. That'll becoming, too. It will be going on both systems, and that's understandable, but it just seemed to me that the playstation press conference was a little bit better prepared than what Xbox had offer, and I think this point in time. I can clearly say that playstation one this first round as far as I initial impressions are concerned. Will Not with me though because I think xbox did a better job in like actually saying hey is a console launch. Title is something. We have a sort of window. Whereas playstation didn't give us any windows, no early states you know. They showed a lot of games on the playstation, but they didn't show us anything that we're going to be. Laying soon, and I think that's where Microsoft did a better job than playstation. Did though not a lot better than what playstation did, but I don't know. I'm been reading a lot of headlines already with like there's Kotoka and polly on their all attacking xbox and. For like little things how they didn't address like backwards compatibility than they're saying. Oh, this is not going to have xbox so want support anymore. They didn't talk about that say they weren't GonNa? Habit is I don't know it's kind of petty. The way a lot of these journalists kind of jumped to conclusions, but you know I can get why people would like. Play the playstation. Playstation conference better also get why people like the xbox better I like the xbox one better, but that's just because I have more love for some of the Games that they showed of the experts conference as opposed the Sony Conference for example really loved the halo in it, but it's you know love. The master chief's grappling. Hook like that was that was read and. I was disappointed in show another trailer for Hell. Blade and there's some other things like I. Don't know why they would show war. Hammer like that's kind of a game that. There's not a lot of like xbox you know fandom for that one avowed looks cool, and is from what I understand part of the pillars of eternity franchise. But Yeah I don't know like state of decay. Three I'm not like super stoked on. Do WanNa talk about some of these games there. They showed again I. Want to go back to avowed because that was the one that was I'm like That looks like a a successor to oblivion. I could really get into and could be because I've said before sky rim. I played thirty hours and I got stuck in the bug, and I couldn't get back. I still have it on the shelf. Right here. I'm just not going. I've gone back to it. I may go back to it, but I'm just. It didn't Hook me like oblivion, did and this to be so much more war about what oblivion had offered the deep contents. If, I get an xbox series X. it's four that game. Rather, new four is a new force always comes out with new system and I. Mean they're the type of games that can actually rule just showcase a new system, and how good the graphics are, and the res- The colors the shading all the nine yards, those racing games do it the best of course a new force. It was coming out. A new fable was very interesting, so. Saying something that was rumored to be worked on and to be working on, so i WanNa hear your thoughts on the new fable on the way. Could it be something that we could really get back into a series, or is it just too many years gone by? No I think that it is something we everyone will get back into I think even new players will get into because the the great thing about fable is that it's much like the final fantasy games. It's all a stand alone game. You know that there's nothing that feeds into. The next game granted in like two and three. They reference like the heroes of and they're talking about your character, and obviously like what you did in that game. They talk about that a little bit, but it's not. They're like. These games are like hundreds of years apart from each other, so yeah, no I definitely think especially if it's just being called fable, yeah, you almost like God a war like it feels like it's going be a new beginning. What worries me about the fable trailer though is? Is that. There is no game play. You know if there's no game play. It leads me to believe it's going to be twenty. What twenty twenty two at the earliest before we get our hands on this game up and I it feels much like the the was the elder scrolls six trailer. They showed it three last year with like our. You know we're not like actively working on this kind of work on air is a little video of some sky and stuff and you can of. Make your own assumptions on it. That's like this one was just that cute animation of the fairy. Get need of Ferrari and that was. It was a funny trailer, but yeah I just I. I don't have any hope for seeing it soon. Toasters and you're listening to pop culture cosmos podcast.

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