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Tab of the ESPN APP, and please take a minute to rate and review the show. Those of US really help others find us. We would just love it. If you would contact the astrophysicists at America's best racing to let them know that in the gate belongs in their nominees for best podcast. In this year's band choice awards try the twitter handle at APR live or the America's best racing facebook page and let them know that in the gate belongs. Swiss skydiver will become the fifty fifth philly history to go to the post against colts in the preakness this Saturday she'll try to become the six ability to win the race and the first since the Great Rachel. Alexandra in two thousand nine Swiss skydiver in cruise control. Furlong Pole speech on the outside moves into second and then it's Bernie they're coming to the sixteenth and swift's skydiver has three link leave speech very honest trying her best. But swift skydiver brings her skills to the west coast and she rocked in the Santa Anita Oaks. Win for fun against just three overmatched opponents. With Swiss skydivers. Fourth graded stakes win this year her first grade one it came after a second place finish against colts in the BLUEGRASS at keeneland. The winner of that race art collector who would have been a threat to win the Kentucky. Derby. was scratched just before the race with a minor foot problem art collector like Swiss skydiver is entered for the preakness. Swiss skydiver off a second place finish in the Kentucky Oaks to she dares the devil a month ago a result that raised her career earnings to over one point one million dollars not bad for affiliate trainer Ken mcpeek plucked out of the keeneland September yearling sale two years ago for just thirty, five, thousand dollars and trainer. Ken mcpeek is nice enough to share a few minutes with us here on negate the fact that the preakness is run later in the year than earlier how much of a decision did that make in trying a triple crown race against colts? Big You know the timing pointing towards the OAKS and we ended up running it oaklawn in the fantasy because it was rescheduled for what would originally have been oak stay. And to been able to come back in a couple of weeks after that would have been pretty difficult and I don't know that I would have done it then but the way the schedules folded and you know it's been kind of a moving target all year. I think the timing is pretty good. Also what about her physical development from the spring two now the fall how much of a difference did that make or would she have been ready physically to run in a race like this back in the spring? She would have been, but you know th this year has been so odd in that everything is of been turned on its head. We have got a philly that's obviously very talented. And the timing of everything I mean I had three choices going into this race and actually none of them were ideal and. You got a three year old filly I would rather run a three year old fairly against three year old fillies obviously grade one she's come out of a series of those but we only had three year old colts grade one, we had billy's mayors three and up. Grade One and we had phillies three year olds turf race grade one and those are the only options on the calendar and I just decided. That I'd rather rent a straight three year olds and older fillies and Mares and and we've got plenty of time to run against older fillies in matters later career. So Peter Callahan and I are both swing high conic is and he said you know, yeah, everybody would dream of winning the preakness and not the dispensers, a bad race and not that the Curie Two's about as a preakness was once in a lifetime and on the sheets she fits. I remember back in the obvious comparison is Rachel Alexandra when she won the Kentucky Oaks by twenty and then ran in the preakness and here you have affiliate who ran second a distant second but second to a good horse and art collector whom you'll see again on Saturday. But then didn't win the Kentucky Oaks ran well, but didn't win by twenty Rachel Alexandra did. So where's the thought process and saying, okay, she's ready to challenge colts in a triple crown race off of those two efforts. Waller race it the BLUEGRASS was respectable race but also think that the way the pace that race unfolded, we may have gone a little fast or relief and I think we've found that she likes the added distance after women winning the Alabama. And folks I. Think if we'd stayed inside, we win the race I mean in hindsight we well going into the race when he knew Camin was philly that that drifted out when she straightened up in the stretch and. I'm still perplexed on rotter left and rail. But I think that calls through the win and. What it could have showed. But I'm paper if you looked at this race and we pulled up, the PP's looked at it closely she started out on paper and. You know still got a lot of them up and pull the trigger and sues best around around there. But she said, and this is why we race horses and we were excited about it and I think it's good for the game and we're going into it as optimistic and going to have a good time and see if she pulls off something historic. Trainer Ken mcpeek joining us here on the gate will send out Swiss skydiver in the preakness on Saturday. Now you and I are both old enough to remember when say the Santa Anita Derby would be run two weeks before the Kentucky Derby and no one even batted an eyelash and now horses run four five, maybe six seven weeks apart the Breeders Cup obviously has got to be the main goal. The first weekend of November you're GonNa have three hard races, the Blue Grass, the Kentucky Oaks, and now the preakness before the Breeders Cup. Did you give any thought to resting her and making sure you were ready for the first weekend of November? Well look. This is the Philly that is extremely good in the. Every day we we drop or green sheets it ten minutes. It's pretty amazing. Really I do think the some extend horses over trained and raced and I believe in keeping maintaining a good pattern and she's maintained a pattern here and we're know rather race than training i. mean there's really not much oriented training. It's the repetition and it puts on sometime in some cases won't wear and tear on a horse and actually running them, and if you look at the PPI on a horse like A. or Dr They sources every eight ten days to arrest I mean I find it in some cases ridiculous that that wait six eight weeks in between races sometimes, and if you've got a horse doing, well, you shouldn't be scared it. How has your whole training regimen with her and your other horses been altered by the coronavirus even now like what ripple effects are there and how these horses are coming into these races? Well the training and the and the racing the racing schedule has been moved repeatedly. So we are calling more audibles at the line of scrimmage to figure out we're going to run. But the trainings kept pretty basic and simple, and every day our routine is has remained the same staff. With. The exception that we take our temperatures, we wear masks and we're. Aware that it's someone gets sick we need to social distance and we spend a lot of time making sure everybody's doing the right thing. The traveling is more difficult because you've got to pay attention to these things but they industries done really really good job churchill downs done an excellent job strong group tracks, and even narrow all good job from perspective all the tracks it up into that we participated in have done everything. They can to keep the spread of the virus down and how recent scandal unfolds we

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