The Lion King 2 Is Coming And Here's Everything You Need To Know


Twenty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, a photo realistic remake of the Lion. King is officially getting a sequel and they found the man who will lead the project Oscar winning moonlight director, Barry Jenkins who says in part helping my sister raised two young boys during the nineties I grew up with these characters the opportunity to expand this magnificent tale of friendship. Love and legacy is a dream come true. Particularly interesting about the project is that last year's film was incredibly faithful to the animated classic it was based on, but there's no animated lion king to to follow in the footsteps of so this film will naturally by design and more unique story details are being kept under wraps but according to deadline this movie will flash back into move fosters origin story and possibly other characters origins as well while also moving the story from the first film forward, the project is getting going but expect Disney to put on the front burner as the first film raked in a staggering one point six, billion dollars.

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