Presidential Debate 2020 recap


Night in Cleveland. Joe Biden was saying one thing. Donald Trump was saying something else at the same time Now that happened frequently. This did not and does not say that because to question the question is yes is still left. Would you sure? This debate will be mostly remembered for the degree to which it went off the rail. Joe Biden look directly into the camera and addressed voters. He pledged that he would be focused on their concerns. While he said the president would not Mr Trump, on the other hand, was very quick to jump on Joe Biden seeming to interrupt nearly every answer. He gave the question whether Biden would adhere to the policies of the left policies that any cases This about tonight, including the green new deal, which Biden said he did not support CBS News, White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy and one of the most prominent topics and the Cleveland exchange was the cove. It 19 pandemic. With President Trump defending his response to an outbreak that has killed about 206,000 Americans, by far the most in the world, claiming million's would have died had he acted otherwise. Meantime, CBS News has learned that White House officials, including Dr Deborah Burkes pressured the CDC to minimize the risk of Corona virus to Children. Get schools to reopen more quickly. Now a former CDC official tells us that the White House was slicing and dicing the data to fit its narrative. CBS NEWS White House correspondent Ben Tracey and from the

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