LeBron leads Lakers to Finals


Assists to close it out to make it to the finals. Did you know last year when they were injury red, and he didn't make it to the playoffs, that he had taken eight consecutive trips with Miami in Cleveland? That is just absolutely crazy to me, so he's going No surprises there when they were up 31. I think it was kind of a done deal. I couldn't envision Denver. Doing it again after they came down from came back from 31 deficits against the Jazz, and then the Clippers like there's just no chance with the star power. Oh, and just the weapons of the Lakers have for for Denver to overcome that absolutely great run for Yokich in Jamal Murray, But you know all things coming to an end and LeBron trying in his career fourth player to reach tense finals. In fact, only three franchises have actually made MBA finals. ATT over 10 Times. LeBron is his own franchise to begin with, right?

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