Length matters. That's what that game reminded me of, because the heat Went up for shots,


From three They made nine threes in the final 16 minutes of the first half. You know, they eat different guys hit threes. I mean, give KCP and Caruso and Morris and all these other guys gonna rain down threes. It's a wrap. I mean, it's a rap anyway in my mind because of the injuries, but I was shocked. Ella could shoot the chute lights out like that. Yes, I mean that. That's why I was a third. Right. That's why we got about 30. Because what Rondo of hidden way threes. It's over like that ballgame. Also, also like the reason l A is good. Even though they aren't the greatest shooters because they have other options. That's the thing like the deeper you get the playoffs. The more you gotta have a place to be in a place So I thought I wonder about Miami like in and it's like it's moving is driving dish. It's you know, it's it's Let's look the ball. Let's kind of get are the engine. Turn it and get overlooked out of that. Okay? What? Somebody stops that. Then what do you do? And that's the part was like, alright, you goto Bam! Yeah, that was cooking day of types. The best Anthony Davis down there, and I just feel like the soul. The late later just have so many options. Vatican Go big go Mark. They can. They can just win the game with defense they could post up. They have LeBron takeover. They have any Davis take over. I mean, that's what I have to top five G's league because they just have options. So if you get anything from anybody else They're tough to be like If they're Ku's piccolo, Danny, you're anyway of the last last game. They had everybody Ricky shot really All it is two more guys to play well. And they're probably gonna win because Anthony Davis bag LeBron LeBron All I kept thinking when I was watching that game, they reminded me so much of the commercials that we play here. One can be are the ones that the girl comes on and says length matters. That's what that game reminded me of, because the the heat Went up for shots, and there was a dude there and he was gonna shoot. I got to shoot over that. Oh, my God. There's a guy there. I got to shoot over that That length really bothered them. I mean, they hero. Ah! Duncan Robertson squeezed up three shots in that game. He got shots all over the place against the Celtics. You watch the Lakers and I watched him last night. They had their face in his chest looking at him, and he was not in his screen. They'd switch and they were tight. They're like, dude, I'm sorry. This is what you do. Oh, you ain't doing it against us. He only gave the B only didn't make any. But the more important staff was only got off. Three. But that length isn't going away. That shooting is not going to be a good as it was in the first game. But the length is going to be the length and that some of the heat you're gonna have to contend with the whole Siri's. And I kind of underestimate that a little bit Another Lakers air really good on D but boy that that dad proof that really bothered the heat last night. And did like the counter to that, right, like this in basic basketball from the middle of this, and the guy's pressing upon you drive there driving to Anthony days like this, you know, drive it like This is not like a small forward back there. That's one of the great defenders in the league was one play last game works like bandits coming down the middle and you got. I think it was my big dollop. Hey, guarded both of them. Bamboo scared the challenge if we never drew, and he dishes it offered in Davis blocks and shot And it's like he just started to do that once because the end and even like he's dreamin, but with like the weak man like like that uses good, so that's the problem. They have. Is not only do you have You got these kind of like Bulldogs These pit bulls and Caruso and K C p and Rondo and LeBron. When when you start getting good when you do well and I need to get somebody else for you. You got LeBron got three DUIs. You don't have to be nothing else just crept up on you and make your life miserable and you're driving any Davis and drive into the white Howard Drive in tow. Ah, Javale McGee When he's if you drive into guys who just they they have re protected. So that's the tough part. Like what is the counter? I mean, the best counter is obviously transition. Right. You Khun Khun kind of stopped that by getting out, which is what we like to do, But that's why that Goran Dragic's losses so big he's your kind of like As they say, whirling dervish. Kind of like there's no real rhyme or reason he just operating in chaos. That's what they kind of need to do. The Lakers is give him a chaos getting material that's a big blow. Ah, and just I don't know. Maybe none comes in and jobs 25 a night, right just to stick it to the Warriors for office. We're talking NBA finals with Marcus Thompson or can be our insider from the athletic joins us has all guests due on the m, I guess line I think LeBron is goingto average a triple double. In this you could listen because he was in and the starters were in would like what a minute and a half left on like this Dude is trying his hardest to get the tip assist. You could clear this area. That was the game plan last night. 30 exactly. So I would have thought a question to you. Mark set of thrown to the fellas in your mind. The best obliteration of the broad. James first go around in Cleveland. Miami. LeBron second go round in Cleveland or LeBron and full what we're seeing right now. I definitely like the first LeBron in Cleveland just because Like that. He was doing things that was just insane, and he had nobody with him. He was just forced to do everything. I mean, like that game against Detroit, where he scored the last 25.1 of my favorite LeBron moments like he was doing everything. You know the greatness about LeBron Like every other great players, their game kind of adapted they go. This for me is the most. And this is the LeBron that makes you be like Okay. This is like, is not from this world, right? Like like he really just said all right. I'm about to be a point guard like we've been companions. Imagine that all the time. And he just decided, all right. I'm going to be mad

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