Philadelphia Restaurants To Increase Indoor Dining Capacity To 50% On Friday


It may be easier to get a reservation at your favorite Philadelphia restaurant this weekend as a Friday restaurants conserve at 50% of capacity instead of the current 25. There's K y W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Load for the second week. The city is averaging about 75 new covert 19 cases a day and hitting other benchmarks that health commissioner Tom Farley says warrant a scale back of the indoor dining restrictions for to know that there are no restrictions here. Masks for everyone. We're not eating and drinking and face shields for servers, tables have to be space. So they're 6 ft. Between diners and different parties and no more than four seats at the table, so only people from the same household are seated together. And I'm sorry if you have a household of five more people. You're not gonna be ableto out inside Doctor, Farley says Eating outside is still safer, he says. The Commerce Department is working with restaurants to figure out how to keep outdoor dining going as the weather gets colder and City Council has endorsed keeping the relax zoning for outdoor dining through December 2021, Pat Lobe Y W. NewsRadio, New

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