'No winner tonight': Undecided voters weigh in on debate


Of last night's chaotic presidential debate, local political analysts are saying there was no winner in the American voting public are the losers. We get more from Kemal's Corwin hate. Those who expected coherence and clearly stated positions from the two nominees likely came away. Disappointed. We all lost tonight, and it's just a sad commentary for people who support both Biden and Trump. This was a mess. Ron Dots, our political strategist, and Cuomo, analyst and Pacific University professor, Jim More commenting for K two in Portland. I beat Bernie Sanders. Not very much. President. Trump set the tone right out of the gate, refusing to let Challenger bite and complete a sentence. You would have lost every problem. He knows how to choose her Tuesday. You look very large delight and resorted to talking over. Trump's comment is not a right wing problem is a levy I direct. This is left with white dots our questions whether there should even be a second in the proposed Siri's of three debates. I would expect the Presidential commission to step in and say, Look, Folks, This is just not acceptable to the American public. Corwin Hey HQ Momo News. Starting

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