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The. Galvanizing. Of the Catholic vote has become a primary storyline in a storyline if this was a a film or TV show. and. With this Catholic Center. Comes the what. The focus on the most sacrosanct. Activity amendment. Whatever. That's abortion first of all buck. Thank you for your twenty dollar donation in the chat room. Buck you sir are wicked awesome, and I thank you for your donation We'll get you spartan chant when just gets a moment. To thank you for your donation. If you want to be awesome like Buck, you can donate at Crusade Channel Dot, com forward slash chat SC- HD helped grew. Not only survive but thrive. Thank you buck as always user are wicked. Awesome. We'll give you an extra will give you extra one. COMES DOWN TO ABORTION. It brings it back to the forefront. Remember trump wants this fight. Trump. Wants the fight to be on abortion. Does. Was a turning point for trump. In the last election. During I think it was the second debate or the third one now because the first one whatever during one of the debates, the one where at the podiums. And Hillary. Clinton vacancies at my fact checkers, where am I fact checkers out there. So cringe at that woman was a nominee for president. Then again who's running now so He actually was able to capitalize on an issue where Republicans get so squish. Rape incest life of the mother please don't get better me. And then they kind of just brace. They do that. Or. They go. Roy Moore and we don't WANNA get into Roy Moore. From or there was there was a couple instances where. is just dumb stuff. The point may be pretty solid, but they just they butchered the delivery so it doesn't even matter. But Republicans in the past when it comes to abortion the focus tested. GOP. Approved line was. I don't believe in abortion except rape incest or life of the butter. Okay. Yes. That's what we say. Okay. Moving on to the next subject and then trying to get rid of his quickly as possible. Trump's on the stage and they're talking about abortion and Hillary's like I'm GonNa got this guy I have the Borsch vote she had a whole day. She had a whole day at the democratic, national convention dedicated to abortion. She had she had every barrel out ready to blow Donald Trump away with this I'm GonNa get him. Now. What does he do? He's dancer he goes. What do you do? Trimester version you the baby out of the Wu I know it's a little more shattner I'm sorry. You ripped the baby is due. And she's Laker bracy turned into a FEM bought. From Austin? Powers.

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