The Runaway

Full Body Chills


And Jake Weber. And we have story. We WanNa tell you. A story about a runaway. A mystery the followed him. So gather around. Unless enclose. Yeah I got it. Let me just pull it close to me. Now you WanNa you WanNa make sure you get my voice this. South perfect. Okay. Okay. So Great. So so you said this is for a pocket knocking. Those I usually get bored hathaway to. Sometimes not that pretty good. So. How how many people I want to people? Listen to your show. Weird. This was w e R. D.. We're counting mysteries is our newest shows. So it's not as big as some of our others but I know the last episode that we did got like two hundred thousand downloads and episode something like that. So with this one, we're even doing a big marketing push since we're setting weird county mysteries actually in a town called. Weird. So I have a feeling it's going to be even more than that. Why that's good. That's really good. Well WH- What do you want me to say why don't we just start with you introducing yourself have say your whole name and tell us a little bit about your history with the police Oh. Sure. I will my name is David Blair that's B. L. A. R. E. and I served The. Weird County Police Department. For just about thirty years of that's doubly yard not like the name of your show. Any. Choice started in. Nineteen ninety-six as detective, and before that I I was a uniformed officer for about eight years and that was in. One, thousand nine hundred eight now on on on eighty-seven in ninety six when I became a detective I worked in narcotics about six years before transitioning over homicide after that and I stayed there in homicide until I retired in May two, thousand, seventeen and. What else do you WanNa know Honestly, we probably just jump in now maybe talk about some of your old faces I mean I don't know if there's A specific one that you worked on close to that, you could discuss in. Your case I talk about well, you know I i. just don't want to get in the way of any ongoing cases. You know only take it for me when I say we got a lot of good men and women out there who are working hard to to get these things also I. I really can't let the wrong information get out but The I me sensitive. I with that stuff. So sure sure. Sure. Why would you WanNa hear Like I get that there's certain things you can't talk about without compromising a case of whatever you're comfortable talking about. What I what I'm comfortable. So. It's up to me. Pressures on and hate the bore your fans. Pathway through. Now Yeah No, I got a go on for you. Yeah. I do. It was pretty popular meg and I'm pretty sure it would make for good show. So there was this doctor over at Saint Mary's would kill his patients and later at night he sneak the bodies out of the morgue. So. So. Sorry. Could you need to talk about a case other than Dr Denver Story? You heard that you're that one? I mean it's it's a great story, the tragic and horrible. But a lot of other shows have covered it to the point I feel like it's like over reported so often reported. Yeah. Well, okay. Nice.

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