Does Your Business Need Voice Notes For Customer Service? #1032



You might recall about this time last week. I was telling you about them will experience I had at the hospital where they tried to find a vein didn't have any success had three attempts couldn't get their say line. Burst all over me. It was a mess. Well, I went back again off yesterday and happy to report it was a total success one whole only everything was fine. But the point is when the doctor came out a different doctor this time, he had no idea about what happened the previous week. He starts asking me all these questions. I said don't you know what happened last week? You said know what happened had to explain the whole thing again and you know, ask him for the special attention with the vein tapping and all this kind of stuff now wage would have been so easy for that doctor last week to just simply record a voice note and one or two minutes about what had happened and then that could have been stuck to the file. Everybody would have got the message it would have been Pretty simple because what it did is I came in yesterday it kind of shot. My any confidence that I had left was pretty much shattered when I had to explain the whole process all over again. They hadn't found a follow-up and they assured me last week. Of course that they would everyone would be briefed. We make sure that we've got the right people on staff like that. All this stuff was told to me last week. None of that happened this week. So it's strange to me that in that case voice notes would have been a handy thing to use any time. The next appointment is made, you know, you just listen to the voice note everything sorted. You've got all that guest history if you like all the incident history and I think the same is true of a lot of businesses and I don't know of a lot of businesses actively using voice notes, you know hospitality is pretty good at at guests history information sparse are also pretty good at that point return repeat customers and I think any business though that is got repeat business hour or schedule appointments could be using similar types of tools like voice notes, but I don't see it being down. So what I'd like to know is anybody out there that is either using voice notes in their business for a customer service tool like that or if anybody knows of any business that is because I do think it's coming I think voice is taking a little longer to be adopted than what I thought it would but I do think it's a valuable tool that we're not using as well as we could it's going to be particularly useful when it comes to things like guests history or incident history to reassure customers on follow-up visits. What do you reckon? Let me know in the comments below if you think voice notes are thing. Do you use voice notes in your business? Do you know of anybody that does already that is it for today? I do thank God for time and I will be back again tomorrow Z.

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