NFL Week 4 Betting Picks: New England at Kansas City, Buffalo at Las Vegas, Cleveland at Dallas

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You'll be six hours for rain delay happened. I knew it was going to be a long night. Well, let's not kid ourselves you and I have watched of Yankee Games that the Yankees offense can be the human rain delay in terms of prolonging baseball games and when you have what nineteen walks in that contest thirty seven pitcher changes and everything else You knew you had to pack a lunch box to be ready for a game that will start at seven eastern it didn't and then wrap up until what about one o'clock your time. Why do I WANNA? Say One, forty five. I'm wrong but I every day every time is kind of the same thing I just know was up really late later than typically up I was up really early smart song and try to have a little energy as all out five hour energy. So we're going to make the best to this yonkers with a big win although a guy who typically has a lot of plate discipline after I had watched about eight hours of baseball. Hicks looks like he had somewhere to be last night at that last at bat with the bases-loaded load. You know you're not quite sure what time nightlife shuts down the pandemic. Aaron Cleveland. Aaron. Hicks may have had an appointment that he was a little lead arriving to and clearly went after pitches nowhere closest strikes on but the Yankees Punch their ticket and my father will disown beginning on. Monday. When he finds out, I'm rooting for the Tampa Bay rays and a future ticket over my boy team in the form of the New York Yankees. So the division victory at four to one just wasn't enough for you know group you're a huge fan of the movie. Wall Street. Gordon Gecko greed is good. If you cash a four to one, you subsequently want to go on a cash eight, twenty, five to one in short order thereafter 'cause I fully believe whoever wins this LDS match between two. Teams in the Yankees in raise goes on to ultimately win the American League pennant. While I agree with that sentiment that greed is good. I. Typically have loyalty above above the greed Shohei. Now. Our listeners. Now here we go. People Champ I was waiting for Jeff Somehow you judging my ethics and orphanhood in one capacity or another we got five games to get. We're GONNA get to all of them. But before we do, we want to crown our weekly winner in the bet the Board Five K football free role and I believe you have that information. Handy. Scrambling right now because I know you asked for it and I didn't give it to your earlier so I am Filibustering his alcohol in the space of trash. In Jacksonville is the winner this week tristen underscore in underscore Jack's was the winner So congratulations to him again, it's always gonNA take a five and a week comes down to that. Tiebreaker. Interest in is this winter. So congrats to him cash and prizes are in the mail enjoy your the board swag trust and I know a longtime listener of the show. Good to see his. long-term devotion paying dividends I know where bet the board gear quite prominently. All right. Let's get into the game. So we've got a lot of work to do and You know what spoiler alert for listeners out there we're going man I can't wait to hear pain and todd breakdown Denver at the jets on Thursday night football. Remain an executive decision today that that Thursday night football game didn't warn our time or attention. So you're not going to get a break. You're not even giving you get a two minute drill on ribbons, NFL debut and Adam Gates fighting to save his job. So if you're waiting for that spoiler alert, not going to happen we do have a great interview though with John Sheeran that we will get to. Later in the show I think all of you guys will be excited to hear it but. Anyway let's start on Sunday at a fifth game though we we we we kept at the five. We just gave a better game in my mind to break down I would concur now which that fifth game was no one has to know we have five games will go and rotation order, and we'll start at the top of the board where it's the Chicago bears welcoming Indie two and one Indianapolis Colts to soldier field. You're looking at the colts a two and a half point road favorite at. Told on this game forty three and a half, and you've seen this total ping pong all over. We'll get to that in a minute when you look at the bears. No we don't. Well, we can. But I'm not sure I wanNA throw salt and the women, but the game has been played. So there is still. Some hope for optimism. Since one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, three, zero teams that are home underdog in their four game a robust nine, one against the spread that of course would apply to Chicago bears and seven three straight in those ten games. The Chicago bears last week in pain accomplished NFL history. No team had ever won two games in the same season erasing sixteen point or more fourth quarter. Deficit hat tip to the Atlanta Falcons hat tip to the mediocrity. That is the Detroit Lions and the bears will continue their quest to improve to four for the first time. Since two thousand, six biggest storyline here that I think we have to start with Nick foles taking over for Mitchell trubisky you predicted this would happen. Did it happen sooner or later though than you actually anticipated?

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