Accumulation Time For Bitcoin


We'll help you find a good a good start to your day. Look end of the month remains, we can have a look at the monthly charges and how chats about how I look. We have some good moves in the market of the non also he's thirty those in just. One Mind Bitcoin let me talk to the monthly. Well, let's just get there. That guy. South. Looks pretty good. Yeah. It does it in the month of September. We were down seven point, five, four percent. We actually went into that cried design and closed above that ten thousand mocks will very well ten thousand, five hundred was kind of a a pretty significant level they're. On many of the shots and the right now? We're above it and the monthly does look pretty strong. We don't have that wonderful uptrend. That I would like to say, but I'll tell you what it. It looks a heck of a lot better than I did a couple of months back. So Moose sitting pretty I'm not too dissatisfied. With where we are and yet as much as we close Dan we closed at ten thousand, seven, hundred, seventy nights a monthly close above ten thousand. Once again third in a row. Arthur. Lost three months salary talk about July. August and September have all closed above ten thousand, which is very, very quickly Dana. Yesterday's Margaret didn't do too much. It hung within the Ryan of die before would point five, six percent closing at ten thousand, seven, hundred, Seventy, eight wrought now well, just dive in. So we are very flat not much in the wild but unity, they're on Bitcoin from my point of view. But as we can sold I didn't here does pretty nice period of. Accumulation. Way Bitcoin sits in those Ryan remember the Greis scalise buying like mad they own something like three percent or something like that at the bitcoin supply. It allows them to allow people to get involved, become more bitcoin to become most kissed their full. When we do have some reason for it to move higher, it should move high at five last longer it takes to build it up the better. We should say a move come out of it depending. How the growth as with this market is so still so smaller like I was touching on yesterday the immaturity of these market. Is Real you know it really real it so we haven't got. Haven't got the big plays in just yet. We haven't got all the other investment taught Pagel. Long White guy still very large market caps for us at the moment. So bitcoin Golota dirty. Let's see how we gonNA. Theory of declaws yesterday are very flat. The died will literally fly. Threatened fifty nine dollars a night sense. I would like to see US move high there on a theory of detroi-, pull back a little bit but still three fifty non pretty much flat on the diagnose very lackluster performance on a theory lot except pay look at did the same sort of thing. There was not much that actually did it did closed down it was down point five of a percent closing at twenty four point one cents we have building building building much motorcycle that Bitcoin cash also I down point four saint closing at two, hundred, twenty dollars. Not a great deal of interest from me on the old bitcoin cash contract eighty still very saad, wise needs to push up. To get each Y. above to thirty five dollars if it can get about two, thirty, five, then we. got a much better opportunity that trend will bay and things will start to look a heck of a lot of bad up on to like a it was up yesterday I believe it or not yet it was up one point one, eight percent it's been a while. But did close up the security and the trend still not where I needed bay to have exactly what I want but. Off Forty six dollars and twenty five cents base via. Also Moving Pretty Wild Ryan jumping down you bet craig having another Thais starting out obey something or other I can't remember exactly what it is but. Wasn't positive. After moving heart move lower ended up closing down one point one off I percents are very, very, very little movement on the clothes yesterday one, seventy to sixty two with countless sitting Donna yesterday closing with a very believable candle out point two percent it's above ten scientists up one point two full percent already died, which is a pretty good start for. The mock we'll see how the guy throughout the Motte communities tried the. Bonnet. Yesterday's well at one point four percent ticking along doing wanna dozen doing it well. It's been pretty quiet on Bonnets as far as tried go. It's had some nice little movements and that trendy, certainly, there were upper twenty on Dole's flat on the nose on keeping off pullbacks tonight.

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